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In 1980 Jack Hamilton, the founder of Florida Center for Recovery (FCR), began his sobriety and a brand new chapter in his life. Propelled by his hope for life and his strong belief in addicts helpingother addicts, Jack felt that he needed to do something to help others who were struggling with addiction. By simply bringing addicts home, providing them shelter, meals, and guidance through the facilitation of AA and NA meetings, Jack started a dynamic recovery community in New York and brought Narcotics Anonymous meetings to local NY communities. Excited with the positive results and wanting to help more people that could possibly fit in his living room, Jack officially established his first addiction treatment center in 1995 – a 50-bed drug and alcohol treatment facility on Long Island, and subsequently in 2002, Florida Center for Recovery – a 72-bed detox and rehab center in Florida.

Sadly, Jack passed away in 2010. He left us with an incredible legacy far beyond anything he had imagined. We like to remember him as the kind man who dedicated his life to helping others achieve the freedom he achieved by stopping addiction and staying sober. Jack never gave up on an individual who was suffering from addiction. His passion and devotion to his family, the communities he helped, and the rehab centers he established will always be remembered by those whose lives were touched by his compassion.

Today, the two rehab centers are renowned in the US, providing compassionate affordable care with effective specialized treatment through inpatient services. Our alcohol and drug rehab programs are the most comprehensive models available in the country, utilizing integrated approaches to treat both the disease of addiction and related co-occurring disorders. Florida Center for Recovery's addiction treatment programs include traditional, holistic and alternative therapies along with the 12-Step and Non 12-Step approaches.

Jack's Most Valued Beliefs

  1. Every person experiencing an alcohol/drug problem deserves a chance, and another, and another, and another... and while some people thought, "Here we go again," Jack would say, "Keep Giving 'em the chance, you never know when they're going to get it." Jack had the ability to see hope in the hopeless, and he passed that along not only to his family but to many that have worked with him.
  2. Forgiveness is more valuable to the one who gives it than to the one who receives it. This is a tough one for many of us, as it was even for Jack, being shall we say 'stubborn'? Just let go…not only for the other person, do it for yourself!
  3. EVERYONE is capable of change. From the person just beginning their journey into sobriety to the person who's been substance-free for 30 years, life provides endless opportunities for growth. Of all the things Jack accomplished over the course of his life, the changes he embraced in his last few years are the ones that brought him and his loved ones the most joy. It is never too late if you remain OPEN.


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