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High-functioning Alcoholic

A high-functioning alcoholic (HFA) is a person who maintains jobs and relationships while exhibiting alcoholism. It's important for someone who is a functioning alcoholic to understand the health risks for them may be just as serious as they are for someone who has a more obvious addiction to alcohol.

HFAs can exhibit various characteristics at different times or phases of their drinking that can be broken down into different categories and include but are not limited to:

  • have difficulty viewing themselves as alcoholics because they don't fit the stereotypical image
  • believe that they are not alcoholics because they are successful
  • use alcohol as a reward and/or justify drinking to relieve stress
Professional and Personal Life:
  • able to maintain consistent employment and/or gain an education
  • well respected for job/academic performance and accomplishments
Interpersonal Relationships:
  • sustain friendships and family relations
  • have romantic relationships
Drinking Habits:
  • one alcoholic drink sets off a craving
  • obsess about the next drinking opportunity
  • display personality changes and/or compromise morals when intoxicated
  • repeat unwanted drinking patterns and behaviors
"Double Life":
  • appear to the outside world to be managing life well
  • skilled at living a compartmentalized life (separating their professional and drinking lives)
  • appearances contradict the alcoholic stereotype

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Alcoholism Treatment in Florida

If you think you or someone you know is a high-functioning alcoholic, even someone with a mild alcohol use disorder, don't wait until problems occur. DUIs, trouble at work and family drama can be avoided by seeking help before the disease progresses. Connect with someone who can help you by calling Florida Center for Recovery at toll free: 800-643-4005.


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