Addiction Recovery – The Fear of the Unknown

It’s normal to fear addiction treatment. In fact fear is the number one emotion that comes up when the idea of addiction treatment is presented to someone struggling with addiction. Just imagining the countless changes that are coming and the effort needed to recover, are enough to fill one’s mind full of doubt and fear.

This doubt and fear can ruin any chance of recovery or hope for a new beginning and a new life free of drugs or alcohol. Most people find it difficult to get rid of this fear, but ironically one of the goals of an effective recovery program is to help the recovering individuals manage their fear and get ready for their new life.  By getting through the fear recovering individuals learn effective ways of managing their lives long after they leave treatment.

Many blame their fear as the most effective impediment in getting treatment. We at Florida Center for Recovery understand that feeling and our goal is to help  anyone willing to quit addiction beat his or her fear and succeed in achieving recovery and the life he or she deserves. 

No more creating “worst case scenarios” and believing they are realities.

We invite you to call us and discuss your fears with someone who understands. Below are a few of the fears we helped others overcome:

  • Fear that detox will hurt or be painful

  • Fear that life won’t be as enjoyable when sober

  • Fear that treatment won’t work

  • Fear that staying sober will be too difficult

  • Fear that the challenges of life will be too much to bare without drugs or alcohol

  • Fear of changes

  • Fear that treatment will cost too much

  • Fear that recovery will create too many boundaries

  • Fear that relationships will suffer in recovery (especially if only one partner in the relationship chooses recovery)

These concerns and many others you may have are simply the worst case scenarios you believe as reality. Yes it is human nature to come up with negative thoughts and worst case scenarios. But the fact is they are not the reality. However, they are the obstacles that prevent you from getting sober and ending your addiction.

If you feel like fear is preventing you from getting well, call our helpline at 800-851-3291 to talk with a caring advisor who understands what you’re going through.