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Addiction Family Therapy


Our Intensive Family Therapy Program in Florida creates an opportunity for the entire family to embrace and participate in the healing process. This program has been designed to enhance the quality of the clients'relationships with their families, friends or a significant other. Our sessions provide family members with a forum to learn positive communication skills and address chronic issues and concerns with the guidance of our licensed therapists.

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Therapeutic Family Education:

Our family therapy focuses on building a solid foundation for both the client and his/her loved ones, so that they can transition from primary treatment with the tools necessary to attain a successful recovery. Our Family Therapeutic Sessions cover topics including, but not limited to:

  • Addiction is a Disease
  • The Impact of Addiction on Families (Codependency Overview)
  • Boundaries - Healthy vs. Unhealthy
  • Communication - Healthy vs. Unhealthy
  • Family System (Roles)
  • Feelings/Defenses
  • Family Powerlessness
  • Introduction to the 12-Step Programs
  • Family Self-Care Plan
  • Transition from Treatment to Early Recovery
  • Recovery Action Plan

Our Family Therapy Program is conducted on a weekly basis, either at the facility or via telephone. In addition we offer a full day Family Intensive Program on a monthly basis.

client confidentiality

In order for family members to receive information and be integrated into the clients' addiction treatment process, the client must sign a release of information form. Florida Center for Recovery is bound by law to respect the confidentiality of all of our clients. Once the client has signed the required form, in accordance with FCR's Family Contact Guidelines, loved ones should expect the following:

  1. The client's Primary Therapist will contact the designated family member via phone within 72 business hours. For clients admitted on a Friday a call is scheduled for the following Monday.

  2. One member of the family will receive a weekly phone call or e-mail update from the client's assigned Primary Therapist. In case additional emergency calls are needed the Primary Therapist will contact the family member. Vice-versa, in case the family has an urgent situation; he or she can contact the client's Primary Therapist.

  3. Family members involved in the therapeutic treatment will be invited to write "an impact letter." Many times the the individual struggling with substance use does not know the effect of their behavior on the family; thinking they are the sole victim in the situation. This letter gives family members an opportunity to share with their loved one the impact of his or her substance use and behavior on the whole family. The goal of this letter is not to shame the recovering client but to help the entire family to share feelings in a loving and respectful way opening up the conversation and beginning the healing process.

  4. Family members will be invited to participate in our One Day a Month Family Intensive. This aspect of our program is an important element in the clients' recovery and the family's as a unit. During this day families have an opportunity to participate in psycho-educational groups, family process groups and family therapy.

Questions for family members and loved ones to consider and reflect on:

  • Do you contribute to your loved one’s addiction?
  • Do you avoid? (Just keep the peace, take care of problems, and don’t upset anyone.)
  • Do you minimize? (It’s not so bad…things will get better when…)
  • Do you protect? (Protecting their image with co-workers and friends…protect own image)
  • Do you take responsibility? (He’s only 19…I’ll pay his phone, He’s hung over I’ll fix it for him)
  • Do you suffer? (If I can just be patient, things will get better…)
  • Do you have weak boundaries?
  • Do you enable?
  • Are you co-dependent?

If you answered yes to any of the above, our Family Intensive program is for you. It will allow you to make the changes that you need to help your loved one as well as the family whole.

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