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Private Inpatient Addiction Treatment in Florida


We believe great health is achieved by producing total harmony between body, mind and spirit and in order to achieve this harmony, we undertake a holistic endeavor in our treatment approach. Our method of addiction treatment is individualized and within this personalized method we offer a combination of evidence-based and holistic therapies.

Our medical and clinical team are leaders in their respective fields, such as addiction treatment therapy, trauma therapy, and family therapy — all working in a coordinated effort to ensure that our clients have the treatment, knowledge, and tools needed to end the cycle of addiction and its destructive behaviors.

Key Features of Our Addiction Treatment Programs in Florida Include:

  • Client treatment is solely based on a detailed assessment which is conducted upon arrival by our licensed physician.

  • Treatment program is dynamic, taking into consideration how the client feel both physically and mentally.

  • We employ a range of therapies and treatments from the best of Western and Eastern medicine, psychotherapy and holistic complementary therapies including yoga and meditation.

  • Clients have access to a team of therapists and a personal support staff during their stay. A team of addiction professionals may include 5 to 10 therapists and personal staff members, including care-takers, doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, trauma therapist, psychiatrists, and yoga instructors.

  • In our approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment, as well as mental health disorder treatment, we place a very important emphasis on diet as a major component of our clients health. Clients enjoy the benefits of having a professional chef who will ensure every meal is prepared to be healthy and specifically made with your recovery needs in mind, without compromising on flavor, quality or presentation.

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