Orlando drug rehab

BrightHealth Insurance for Orlando Drug Rehab

While preparing for rehab, even the little things can add to the stress of an already difficult situation. However, BrightHealth insurance is now extending coverage for rehab services through the Orlando area, alleviating a portion of worry. Florida Center for Recovery (FCR) accepts many major insurance policies, and now proudly adds BrightHealth to that list for Orlando residents. Choosing an Orlando drug rehab with confidence, knowing coverage extends to help cover costs, makes getting treatment that much easier. 

BrightHealth and Florida Center for Recovery

Compiling essential rehab treatment programs into an individual plan can be tricky, especially when managing the overall cost. That being said, the best way to ensure cost-effectiveness is to use the appropriate health insurance channels. 

Florida Center for Recovery (FCR) works hand in hand with BrightHealth Insurance. The benefit of communication, between rehab and coverage, is the expectation of getting the best pricing available based on premiums. Fortunately, as BrightHealth expands its network to include Orlando drug rehabs, many more in desperate need can utilize treatment. 

Addiction Trends In Orlando Are Soaring

In Orlando, Florida, over 23% of young adults start abusing drugs and alcohol between the ages of 15 – 17 years old. That trend increases to 24% for adolescents 12 to 14 years of age. While the number of Orlando’s residents abusing substances continues to increase, the number of individuals with substance use problems that attend rehab is low. In fact, far less than even one percent of the area’s addicts opt for treatment at an Orlando drug rehab facility despite locality. 

One of the reasons why Orlando residents that suffer from substance abuse issues may not seek out rehab is because they also suffer from severe dependency. Thus, such individuals aren’t getting sober because they want to avoid having to feel withdrawal symptoms. 

Another likely reason for why Orlando, FL residents aren’t seeking out rehab is because of the high costs of treatment and them having no insurance to help pay for the costs. Thus, the desire to get sober may not outweigh the financial burden that is rehab treatment and the experience of physical withdrawal. 

At one time, Orlando residents that were enrolled in BrightHealth Insurance premiums were among those financially responsible for the full cost of rehab. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. 

Addiction Can Happen to Anyone

Suffering from an addiction is not something that many addicts see coming. Generally, those who wind up dependent on substances did not consciously choose to become addicts. Whether it all begins as a social experiment, or as a result of legally prescribed medication, addiction can happen to anyone. 

This is why it’s important to have access to health insurance that covers the high costs of treatment. When enrolling in health insurance plans for yourself and for family members, addiction rehab can slip through the cracks of adequate coverage. BrightHealth, now working with FCR to provide coverage for Orlando drug rehab, makes getting treatment and living sober a priority. 

BrightHealth Insurance Helps Those Who Need It Most

This form of insurance is extending coverage to cover treatment for those suffering from addiction in Orlando. This only benefits all members of the Orlando community. This is because by helping individuals in the Orlando area access rehab at more affordable rates with lower deductibles, recovery becomes more sustainable for the city’s citizens. 

This only improves the overall health and well-being of all Orlando residents. Plus, private and specialized programs are available to promote privacy and relevance, such as veteran rehab and treatment for first-responders

Reducing the financial burden of rehab is especially beneficial for the more vulnerable Orlando residents, like seniors and pregnant women. FCR and staff understand how difficult it can be to get treatment on a low or fixed income. 

For some, without insurance assistance, it is virtually out of the question. Orlando drug rehabs and BrightHealth Insurance working together offers more individuals the opportunity to achieve healthy sober lives. 

BrightHealth Recognizes Addiction as Mental Illness

BrightHealth has become available to those suffering from addiction in the Orlando area to further aid in psychological health care. A substance abuse disorder requires treatment, as would any other illness, and can now qualify for BrightHealth insurance in Orlando. Yet still, treating addiction is more complex than most mental illnesses.  Because of that, it requires an all-around approach for recovery, meaning, a combination of complementing lessons and therapy

In Orlando, nearly 55% of addicts abuse substances regularly. This suggests that aside from recreational users, many addicts are self-medicating in an attempt to treat symptoms of a mental illness. By offering coverage options for both addiction and mental illness, BrightHealth encourages sobriety through Orlando drug rehabs. 

Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis Treatment

When entering a rehab facility, it is relatively common to understand the duration of treatment. However, that is not a guarantee. In cases when an individual might require an extended or more intensive method of treatment, some deductibles may apply. This is sometimes the case when treating more than one illness at the same time, referred to as co-occurring disorders

Co-occurring disorders are very common among those suffering from substance use disorders. Within the United States, co-occurring disorders are diagnosed in over 67% of substance abuse cases. 

In Orlando, suffering from a co-occurring disorder is even more common, affecting almost 93% of the Florida recovery community. Fortunately, because of the flexibility and partnership between BrightHealth and FCR, deductibles and reimbursement plans help cover costs.

BrightHealth Coverage Includes Rehab in Orlando

In Orlando, BrightHealth can help to cover the cost of rehab but will typically require details of your individual situation. Based on what is recommended by a coordinator at FCR, the duration and extent of addiction treatment coverage can vary. 

In the years prior, Orlando drug rehab was not immediately eligible for financially assisted coverage with BrightHealth. However, as of their latest revision, the Orlando area is considered in-network to receive treatment at Florida Center for Recovery. 

Different Types Of Treatment Options Covered By BrightHealth

For rehab detox and treatment, FCR accepts BrightHealth Insurance, now offering coverage throughout Orlando at the lowest cost possible. The necessary treatment will depend on specific factors, such as the type of drug abuse or the length of time used. 

The more severe the addiction, the more intensive the treatment, therapy, and detox safety measures will be required. This will also determine the type of medical intervention administered, where an individual’s needs differ for drug and alcohol detox

Around 60% of individuals in Orlando drug rehab are in treatment for an addiction to a single substance. However, that leaves upwards of 20%of people in Orlando drug rehab abusing 2 drugs, and as many as 15% addicted to three. 

Unfortunately, this can make detox more uncomfortable, risking multiple interactions and unforeseen reactions to withdrawal. What is immediately necessary for individuals that suffer from multiple simultaneous substance addictions to maintain good health will be determined by FCR admissions, and what is covered will be negotiated through BrightHealth. 

Some of the following programs that are assisted monetarily by BrightHealth and are available through Orlando drug rehab include:

Drug Detox

Detoxing should be approached with caution and overseen by a professional. Because the symptoms of withdrawal can range from uncomfortable to severe and occur suddenly, medical intervention may be necessary. Without insurance, this can become costly, especially if the situation escalates. Relying on BrightHealth coverage to support some of the financial burdens, promotes a smooth transition into treatment after detox is complete. 

Inpatient Treatment

Utilizing the opportunity to participate in a residential-style treatment program at FCR decreases relapse rates tremendously. This is because, unfortunately, many individuals exposed to outside triggers have a more difficult time remaining sober to complete treatment. 

Inpatient rehab programs alleviate external triggers, trauma exposure, and stressors to help people focus solely on getting and staying sober. As Orlando drug abuse trends rise, having a safe, comfortable, and private rehab experience is recognized as essential by BrightHealth. Ensuring a smooth transition from detox into therapy and treatment provides reassurance and dependability in the rehab system. 

Chronic Relapse Program

For many, rehab and therapy help individuals remain in recovery indefinitely. However, this is not always a guarantee, as addiction essentially has no cure. The idea of rehab treatment is to give individuals the tools that they need to encounter triggers and resist urges. These coping tools are to be used regularly and daily in order to stay sober. 

Here at FCR, we understand that recovery is a constant journey. Programs like chronic relapse work to get addicts back on track after a slip, or several slips, to try again. 

BrightHealth is in support of continuous efforts that promote sobriety. BrightHealth also often allocates some measure of coverage for repeated addiction. Again, this will depend on the circumstances, as well as the amount of coverage already applied. 

BrightHealth Assistance for Relapse Prevention and Treatment

Although over 80% in treatment are experiencing rehab for the first time, as many as 10% have returned after relapse. An additional 4.3% are attending Orlando drug rehab after their second relapse. Unfortunately, this is all part of the recovery process for some people. Thus, relapse doesn’t mean failure. With this understanding, BrightHealth works in-network with FCR, to produce lower out-of-pocket costs for rehab treatment. 

The benefit of Orlando residents being able to utilize health insurance to cover the cost of rehab is financial reduction. For one, participating in relapse prevention programs while in Orlando drug rehab reduces the likelihood of having to repeat the rehab process due to relapse. This, in turn, only saves Orlando residents money.  Still, in the event of relapse, where complete financial coverage is not again available, FCR typically negotiates private payment opportunities. 

Applying BrightHealth Insurance Coverage to Addiction Treatment

When applying BrightHealth to rehab treatment for the first time, the amount of financial coverage is in the highest tier. However, after a second or even third occasion of relapse, the coverage becomes more of a deductible amount. The type of BrightHealth premium that a person has will also dictate the amount of coverage that he or she is eligible for when filling out an application. 

The available BrightHealth packages offered to the residents of the Orlando area are classified as: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Catastrophic. Although each one assists in some way to cover the prices of Orlando drug rehab, they do so in varying amounts. 

While working with FCR admissions, BrightHealth will guide you through its insurance package options and prepare for you an individually suited treatment program. Then, because of BrightHealth now being able to cover the cost of rehab in the Orlando FL area, FCR can assist in allocating coverage. 

Using BrightHealth Insurance for Addiction Treatment in Orlando

For rehab detox and treatment, FCR accepts BrightHealth insurance, now offering coverage throughout Orlando at the lowest cost possible. Getting help to treat addiction should be a priority to your health. Low-cost premiums make that possible. 

The necessary treatment of a person depends on specific factors, such as the type of drug he or she abused or the length of time of drug use. Fortunately, because of the flexibility and partnership between BrightHealth and FCR, deductibles and reimbursement plans help cover rehab costs. 

Connect with us to learn more about how to get started applying insurance coverage to rehabilitation services. Let us help get you enrolled in an affordable, convenient, and effective Orlando drug rehab today.