Addiction Treatment: Decide, Commit, Focus, and Succeed

The greatest difficulty faced by individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction – without mentioning the efforts put forth by the individual – is to go through the first days of recovery outside the safe environment that a rehab center has to offer. Regardless of the length of the treatment, whether long or short term inpatient treatment, the challenges of life after treatment remain the same. The individual is now on his or her own and must start putting “the lessons” learned during the time spent in treatment into practice. Getting back into having a normal relationship with the body, mind, and spirit that was for so long neglected, require a lot of focus, patience, and self-love.

Understanding the obstacles of entering normal life after treatment and the importance of “relapse prevention training” in achieving lasting recovery, Florida Center for Recovery has developed comprehensive therapeutic programs that offer the expertise, structure, and the support needed to overcome this disease and provide a sustainable recovery. Addiction is not curable but many of our recovering clients are the proof that successful recovery is possible and a fuller, happier and healthier life can be restored or built.

Florida Center for Recovery (FCR) recognizes that the decision to seek rehab is not necessarily the sole choice of the individual struggling with alcohol or drugs. Family members and loved ones are generally the essential support who start the recovery process and put the struggling individual on the path to his or her new sober life. Seeking addiction treatment and getting the help needed can be the difference between life and death. Don’t wait for the substance addiction to end a life, Florida Center for Recovery can help you or your loved one fight and win this battle. You can count on our support and professionalism to make the admission process a smooth and successful one. We offer affordable private pay rates & accept most PPO and HMO insurances.

Decide, Commit, Focus, and Succeed. Fully committing to addiction recovery is hard work, but worth it. Take pride in each day of sobriety, overcoming the odds and with the change build a new life.

Florida Center for Recovery – Private Inpatient Addiction Treatment Programs
Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Recovery

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