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AvMed Insurance Verification for Addiction Treatment

Does AvMed Cover Addiction Treatment?

Approximately 230,000 Members count on AvMed for their Employer Group, Medicare and Individual and Family plan coverage. Members have the support of nearly 500 employee Associates and a 35,000 plus strong Provider Network. AvMed works with health care providers to supply customers (individuals and employers) access to affordable services, including drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Like all health insurance plans, AvMed’s policies have options available for addiction treatment, including detox, inpatient rehab programs, as well as other therapeutic services.

Individuals who have an AvMed insurance plan may wonder how much of the cost of the addiction treatment services is covered through their plan. To answer your questions about your coverage, we at Florida Center for Recovery have trained personnel familiar with insurance rules and regulations regarding detox and therapeutic drug and alcohol treatment services. With our clients' permission, we contact insurance companies, including AvMed, and get detail information regarding treatment benefits on client’s behalf.

Below are two specific subjects of interest to you.

Does AvMed Cover Drug or Alcohol Detox?

Yes, AvMed offers insurance plans that cover the costs of drug and alcohol detox. There are different types of insurance plans and various levels of coverage, but not all of them necessarily provide treatment coverage for medical detoxification.

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What Benefits Are Offered from AvMed for Addiction Treatment?

Florida Center for Recovery is part of AvMed’s network of addiction treatment center providers. Addiction treatment requires different levels of care, including detoxification, inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab. Inpatient rehab, also called residential treatment, involves patients residing at our facility to receive extensive medical supervision and related therapeutic services. The length of an inpatient addiction treatment stay covered by AvMed depends on the specifics of the person’s insurance plan and the level of care needed, as each person’s recovery process is different and the length of treatment varies from person to person. Most common length of time for addiction treatment is about 30 days, however, 60 and 90 days programs are also available to those who need them.

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What Does My AvMed Insurance Plan Cover? Find Out More.

To learn more about your AvMed substance use disorder treatment coverage, you can contact an AvMed representative via phone, look up your plan’s specifics on the AvMed’s website, or call a representative here at Florida Center for Recovery at 800-643-4005. We can help you determine your individual coverage plan – including copays, and deductibles.


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