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Rehab for my husband in Florida


Are you struggling to get your husband into rehab? Finding that line between saving an addict and saving yourself isn't always easy, and that becomes an urgent matter when the addict is your spouse. Knowing the facts below may put things a bit more in perspective.

  • Addiction is a disease that triggers obsessive substance use.
  • Substance dependence whether to alcohol or drugs can drive your loved one to lie, steal and hurt others.
  • You and your family need a support system to deal with the problem at hand.
  • You and your family need your own support system to help you deal with the addict.
  • Recovery is always possible, but relapse is common and multiple treatment attempts may be needed.

If your husband is struggling with an addiction, he may deny that he has a problem and believe that attending a rehab program is not a necessity or priority. However, as wife you can help him overcome his reservations. Getting your husband into an inpatient rehab program is the most recommended treatment option, especially if he can be away from home. This will remove him from his current temptations and allow him to focus completely on getting sober without any distractions.

At an inpatient rehab program your husband is required to reside at the treatment facility for the duration of the treatment, which could last for any length of time from 28 to 90 days. A reputable residential rehab facility offers close medical supervision and access to medical care and just as importantly, an environment in which people in similar struggle become source of support, share experience, and offer hope to each other.

A Reputable Drug and Alcohol Inpatient Rehab often offers:

  • A safe recovery environment
  • Supervised detox for clients who require detox
  • Comprehensive program to treat the addiction and related co-occurring mental health issues, such as trauma, anxiety, depression and PTSD
  • Support for clients at varying stages of recovery
  • Supervised medical treatment on a case by case when needed
  • Individual and Group Therapies
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Life skills Training
  • Therapeutic activities, such as meditation and physical exercise
  • Family Therapy
  • Aftercare Programming and Discharge Planning

Residential programs vary by rehab centers and may include a number of other features, ranging from specialized trauma therapy, nutritional counseling, recovery educational workshops, etc.

Florida Center for Recovery is a Detox and Rehab Center located in Fort Pierce, Florida providing residential rehab programs since 2002 for adults age 18 and over. Our drug and alcohol rehab center offers residential short-term rehab, 30 days or less, as well as long term rehab.

To learn more about your options for addiction treatment and to find the one that will help you return to a healthy and happy life, call 800-851-3291

Your husband may not reach out for help or quit using alcohol or drugs on his own. In this case, loved ones need to step in and assist him in getting the life-saving treatment that is desperately needed.

Chaos naturally accompanies the disease of addiction. As a spouse you also need help coping with a situation that most of us are not prepared to. Groups such as Families Anonymous, Nar-Anon and Al-Anon are twelve step support group meetings for families and friends of addicts. There are no dues or fees to join. These institutions can provide you with a safe place to learn how to stop being part of the problem and become part of the solution. By attending these group meetings you can also find peace and serenity by practicing their programs steps. Even when you are in the midst of chaos and insanity, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

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Individualized Inpatient
Addiction Treatment Services:

  • All Inclusive Inpatient Detox
  • Medical and Psychological Evaluation
  • Addiction Treatment Assessment
  • Integrated Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Group and Individual Psychotherapy
  • Gender Specific Counseling
  • Grief / Loss Therapy
  • Rapid Resolution Therapy® (Trauma Therapy)
  • Intensive Family Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • 12 Steps & SMART Recovery®
  • Addiction Educational Series
  • Holistic and Alternative Therapies
  • Recreational Activities
  • Aftercare Programming
  • Discharge Planning
  • Chronic Relapse Program
  • Pregnant Women Program
  • Military/First Responders Program


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  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance
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  • CompPsych Insurance
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