Admission Into Our Florida Addiction Treatment Program

During the admissions process into our Florida Rehab Program clients have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the general philosophy of our programs, treatment approach (e.g., individual and group counseling, psycho-education, treatment phases), policies (e.g., family involvement, drug testing, discharge criteria) services offered and our facility’s amenities.

Commonly at this time, clients receive information about confidentiality safeguards, procedures for issuing warnings, terminations, and other treatment-related decisions. Information regarding client’s access to staff members, 24-hour crisis assistance, referrals to any required outside treatment, and transportation for receiving additional care when required (primarily for pregnant women) is also discussed. In addition, clients receive a summary of the Federal alcohol and drug confidentiality regulations along with information about clients’ rights and how to exercise them.

It is important for clients to understand their role in the treatment process and appreciate the importance of regular and timely attendance, participation in support groups and other community activities, compliance with the program, therapy and group rules, completion of homework assignments and submission of drug-testing specimens.

Following these initial steps, depending on the time of the admission, clients are often directed to an intake interview where a counselor will gather detailed information on the client’s substance use patterns and other issues. With the information collected with this Biopsychosocial Assessment, our addiction treatment professionals will be able to develop a therapeutic regimen tailored specifically to address the client’s particular needs. Assessments are important for monitoring each client’s progress and they are repeated and adjusted as needed.

Would you have any questions about our admissions process, or if you need any other treatment-related information please contact us at: 800-643-4005.

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