Adverse Child Experiences (ACEs) and  Addiction

Childhood trauma and neglect can affect children in a multitude of ways resulting in negative life experiences later in life. Labeled as Adverse Child Experiences (ACEs), trauma and neglect can significantly contribute to the development of mental health issues resulting in life-altering consequences, including alcohol and drug abuse. The more ACEs experienced, the greater the risk for children becoming adults with undesirable health, social and legal outcomes. Some events attributed to ACEs include:

  • Neglect
  • Divorce
  • Parental separation
  • Parental death
  • Violence in the community
  • Witnessing abuse, neglect, or substance abuse in the home
  • Sexual, emotional, or physical abuse
  • Caregivers or parents who are mentally ill (may also include siblings)
  • Poverty

Although there are many who overcome and even thrive as adults after experiencing ACEs, there are many who will face ACEs negative effects. Addiction is one major concern in adults who suffered trauma at a young age, as historically those adults have been at a greater risk for developing an addiction. Those who turn to alcohol and drugs to deal with their childhood trauma and neglect generally find themselves in more severe problems than the ones they originally tried to resolve by alcohol and drugs. Many struggling individuals who choose to turn their life around and choose sobriety seek treatment in a rehab facility. Those who are admitted to a drug rehab facility can expect an integrated, multidisciplinary therapeutic treatment plan that can help them in their recovery. Included in this comprehensive treatment plan is learning how to cope with stress, anxiety and healing trauma which allows individuals struggling with addiction and mental health conditions to start their recovery process and come to a place of health and peace.

At Florida Center for Recovery (FCR), it is through our specialized therapeutic programs, such as Rapid Resolution Therapy that our clients find the help they need to overcome the negative effects of ACEs by eliminating the ongoing psychological suffering that stems from the disturbing and painful past experiences.

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