Aftercare Programming in Addiction Treatment

One of the most important aspects of rehabilitation is what happens after treatment is completed. For this reason, the Florida Center for Recovery customizes all of our Aftercare Programs to address each client’s personal concerns and needs. Our Aftercare Programs are flexible and our clients can choose to complete their follow up recovery assignments in their home town, or in a supported environment at our facility. In both cases, our Addiction Treatment Aftercare Programs are specifically designed to instill in our clients the skills and confidence they need to continue advancing in their recovery. Not only we provide extended care, but we also make sure our clients are well equipped with the tools necessary to adapt to a new way of living, where they can make the positive turnaround they have anticipated. Our aim is to empower our clients to achieve positive, fulfilling, and independent lifestyles free from addiction. We are committed to being a part of each client’s recovery process while providing as much support and assistance as required.

Continuum Support for Addiction Treatment in Florida

Upon completion of our addiction treatment programs, we provide clients with continued support by:

  • Providing referrals to practitioners in clients’ local area
  • Organizing regular conference calls with our therapists to monitor client recovery, to share insights and celebrate accomplishments; and
  • Linking clients to recovery coaches who will provide ongoing support and assistance in clarifying and achieving goals

Florida Center for Recovery offers medical detox and residential drug and alcohol rehab programs utilizing the 12-Step and the Smart Recovery treatment approaches. For more information on our addiction treatment,
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