Alcohol Use and Misuse: A Worldwide Problem

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), alcohol-related deaths is a worldwide problem. A study published in 2018 by WHO reports that more than 3 million people died in 2016 from alcohol use and misuse – with men comprising ¾ of these deaths.

Regardless of race or how financially secure one is, alcohol abuse and addiction problem do not discriminate. Often times, an alcohol addiction innocently starts with just a few drinks hanging out with friends. Most individuals in recovery report that they remember how gradually use became abuse and then total dependence. No matter how it starts, recovery often requires therapeutic services which many times involve supervised medical detox.

How Do I Know When Alcohol Is a Problem?

There are some common behaviors that can indicate alcoholism at an early stage. If you notice that when a person is encountered with difficulties he or she always reaches for alcohol, this could be a warning sign. As the disease of alcoholism progresses, so do the more obvious signs of problem drinking.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) states the following is normal or low risk drinking. Anything more would indicate that there is a degree of problem drinking when someone consistently exceeds these numbers:

  • For women, more than seven drinks per week is considered a problem.
  • For men, it’s 14 drinks per week.

The definition of binge drinking:

  • For women drink up to 4 drinks in a 2-hour sitting
  • For men, it’s 5

Heavy alcohol use is when binge drinking occurs 5 or more times in a 30-day period.

While some people have yet to reach alcoholism, that doesn’t mean that the signs someone is drinking regularly should be ignored. Their behaviors are considered to be high-risk drinking and they are likely well on their way to becoming addicted to alcohol. Anyone who consistently binge drinks, at least once a week are considered high-risk drinkers and they are much more likely to develop alcoholism than others. They’re also more likely to turn to alcohol should they encounter difficulties in life.

If you or someone you love is facing difficulties due to alcohol use, or displays symptoms such as the ones listed below, inpatient rehab is recommended.

  • Strong Intoxication
  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Withdrawal Symptoms

Individuals, and their family and friends, who are looking for options to address alcohol problems, can get help at Florida Center for Recovery. For information about our inpatient alcohol addiction treatment program call us at: (800) 851-3291. You may also visit our addiction treatment programs’ page for a better insight into our diverse comprehensive therapies.


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