Beware of Unethical Practices of Some Treatment Centers

The practice of using unclear and misleading marketing advertisement by some treatment centers have left many reputable and established treatment centers struggling to prove their real identity in the online world. Although in 2018 steps were taken by the National Association of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATP) to investigate and examine the deceptive and unethical practices such as patient brokering and drug and alcohol rehab directory listing, still to this day one must beware of online rehab advertisement. For instance, while researching for this article we did a Yahoo search on Florida Center for Recovery. As you can see in the screenshot image below there are at least three paid ads running an advertisement with our treatment center’s name. Needless to say, these companies are all just taking a ride on our reputation.

Rehabs Posing as Florida Center For Recovery

This is sad news for the many individuals who are struggling with substance addiction disorder and for the many reputable treatment centers that on a daily basis need to manage their online presence and reputation. Another good example is shown in the image below. You can find Florida Center for Recovery Listed at this directory but when you call the number advertised on top of the page, you will not be calling us, and whoever answers your call will not send you to our facility for treatment, or even answer your questions regarding our facility. They do list our local number in light gray at the bottom, but more often than not the individuals coming to this listing will see and call the more prominently displayed 800 number listed, which is not ours. They do have a disclaimer though which on the day we wrote this article was displaying even more concerning statements. (image below).

Above is an unauthorized usage example of Florida Center for Recovery’s  image and information on this directory website

Attention: We cannot guarantee the costs to be completely accurate. They are displayed for educational purposes. We have compiled prices provided by users and online research. In order to obtain actual costs please contact “their listed name”  or call “their listed phone number” for a free consultation with a rehab specialist.

Besides the inaccurate information which they provide about our facility, their disclaimer shows a company name and a number to call that is not Florida Center for Recovery’s tel. number.  That’s a little unnerving when it’s listed under our information. In addition, if you are to ask questions about our facility and the treatment programs we provide when calling numbers from these sites, they try to sell you the facility of their choice and never refer you to the facility you searched and you thought you found. If you have legitimate concerns or questions and you need answers, in almost all these cases, you may as well forget getting any meaningful help or information as they are not in the business of treating individuals struggling with additions.

Just remember, if you or your loved one contact a listing you find by search, chances are that you will be calling some unknown call center that will try to qualify you for “sell” to facilities they have under contract. And as far as what happens to the confidential information you provide them, your guess is as good as ours. Websites like the ones above, do not need permission from us or any treatment center before posting advertisements under our name. We hope that this will change and change soon because we like many other reputable rehab centers are in the business of helping people recover and not monitoring the bad characters in business with one goal which is to cash in on the vulnerable population in their time of need.

Many times in the past we received bad reviews that were not even meant for us. The reason is that when a person is researching and the name “Florida Center for Recovery” comes up under those misleading and false advertisements, that is all he or she can remember. Many of these reviews are complaints about the way supposedly our staff handled their call or question when they did not even call us.

With all these bad actors out there and their unethical business practices, we like many reputable treatment centers have faced an uphill battle of stigma for being part of an industry that has not found a way to rid itself of the bad behavior of many of its members. At this time, with the limited options available to online searchers, our best advice to you is to go directly to the website of the rehab facility of your choice and contact them with their posted number. More often than not directories are bad news.

We hope the best for all who are suffering from the disease of addiction and trying to find a way out of their daily struggle. Regardless of all the obstacles in front of you, you can succeed. You can find recovery and you can achieve the lasting sobriety that gives you back the life you deserve. Do not quit. Keep fighting.

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