1. Alcohol is both a stimulant and a depressant

  2. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are much more significant problems than drug abuse

  3. Nonalcoholic beer should not be used as a means to deal with an alcohol problem

  4. Ninety percent of alcoholics smoke cigarettes, while thirty percent of the general population does

  5. Relapse is not a necessary sign of poor motivation—most alcoholics relapse

  6. One can predict which kids have a greater tendency to become alcohol abusers—as much as a year or two in advance

  7. One can still be in denial even if you agree that one has an alcohol problem—denial comes in many forms

  8. Just stopping drinking is an inadequate solution to a drinking problem—a lifestyle change is necessary

  9. Alcohol is a drug—it is mind altering and creates behavior similar to other drug use

  10. Drinking does not improve creativity, driving, or physical performance

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