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As part of the Florida Center for Recovery's (FCR) innovative approach in the treatment of addiction, we combine medical detox with biofeedback sessions through Biosound® Therapy. The purpose of providing... read more...
Category: Addiction Treatment Therapies on 3 June 2020
A treatment focused on stimulating healing, massage therapy provides individuals struggling with addiction a way to relieve stress. At Florida Center for Recovery, massage therapy is offered as a complementary healing component to promote relaxation... read more...
Category: Addiction Treatment Therapies on 9 July 2019
The majority of addiction treatment facilities treat both men and women. However, the two genders experience different emotions and react differently to drug abuse and their addiction. Therefore it is understandable that the treatment effectiveness is increased when performed in gender-specific group therapies which allow therapists to focus and dedicate their efforts in providing guidance specific to a particular gender. For instance, ... read more...
Category: Addiction Treatment Therapies on 6 June 2019
In any drug or alcohol addiction treatment, group therapy will be part of the overall treatment program. Participating in group therapy is an essential component of any addiction treatment program, but it is not to be compared to... read more...
Category: Addiction Treatment Therapies on 6 December 2018
For those individuals who do want to attend a formal rehab program and or want to seek a different way to manage recovery there is SMART Recovery®, which stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. read more...
Category: Addiction Treatment Therapies on 11 October 2018
Simply wanting to stop using drugs or drinking is not enough for someone to go from addiction to sobriety. Going cold turkey or only receiving medical detoxification are approaches that often fail, because besides the severe and uncomfortable physical withdrawal symptoms caused by the absence of drugs or alcohol, there are also psychological issues that must be identified and treated through psychotherapy. read more...
Category: Addiction Treatment Therapies on 9 October 2018
Why Is One on One Counseling Important? By utilizing one on one drug counseling a therapist can get to the root problem of addiction by navigating the inner workings of the patient’s mind. While many recovering individuals may be able to reflect on and discuss their lives in a meaningful manner, they are often not able to figure out what went wrong and what caused them to resort to drugs or alcohol for feeling better in the first place. It is during individual therapy that many recovering patients have a chance to have an honest look at the situation that caused their addiction, plan their path for recovery and find a new way of living to sustain that recovery. read more...
Category: Addiction Treatment Therapies on 2 August 2018
SMART Recovery is based on scientific knowledge, and is intended to evolve as scientific knowledge evolves. The program uses principles of motivational interviewing found in Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET), and techniques taken from Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), particularly in the version called Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), as well as scientifically validated research on treatment. read more...
Category: Addiction Treatment Therapies on 14 July 2017
Behavioral therapies can help individuals dealing with addiction engage in drug abuse treatment, provide incentives for them to remain abstinent, modify their attitudes and behaviors related to drug abuse, and increase their life skills to handle stressful circumstances and environmental cues that may trigger intense craving for drugs and prompt another cycle of compulsive abuse. read more...
Category: Addiction Treatment Therapies on 30 June 2017
"Evidence-based medicine is the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values." (Sackett D et al. Evidence-Based Medicine: How to Practice and Teach EBM, 2nd edition. Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh, 2000, p.1) read more...
Category: Addiction Treatment Therapies on 23 June 2017


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