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Replacing stigmatizing words and phrases with the suggested “preferred terminology” as a start in reducing the stigma associated with addiction. read more...
Category: For Friends and Family on 16 June 2020
When a family member struggles with alcohol and drug abuse the whole family suffers. This is particularly true for children who... read more...
Category: For Friends and Family on 7 January 2020
Are you someone who is helping an individual through addiction recovery? If so, you know that this responsibility, often taken by the love you have for the individual, has read more...
Category: For Friends and Family on 21 November 2019
Most people have heard of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), but not many know about Al-Anon. A worldwide fellowship, Al-Anon was established to help family members and friends of those suffering from alcoholism to heal and move on. While individuals struggling with alcohol use disorders can find treatment and support from addiction treatment centers, therapeutic rehabilitation clinics, AA and non AA programs, family and loved ones can get the support they need to cope with the effects of their loved ones drinking at Al-Anon. read more...
Category: For Friends and Family on 8 October 2019
Are you struggling to get your spouse into addiction treatment? Finding that line between saving the loved one who is struggling with addiction and saving yourself isn't always easy, and that becomes an urgent matter when the loved one is your spouse. read more...
Category: For Friends and Family on 13 June 2019
Attending Family Therapy in Addiction Treatment is an important component of recovery. In fact, research shows that behavioral health treatment that includes family therapy gets better results than treatment that does not. As a result, when combined with individual treatment, family therapy can help reduce rate of relapse, reduce psychiatric symptoms, and relieve stress. read more...
Category: For Friends and Family on 1 November 2018
When it comes to addiction and recovery, giving up is never an option. Although we all know it is easier said than done, you should remind yourself that dealing with your loved one’s addiction requires a different attitude that does not come naturally to most people. If you have been living with a loved one struggling with addiction it is common to feel you are at the end of your rope. You have lost your patience, lost your trust in him or her, and feel all your offers of help and your attempts to change things have failed. Experts say that at this time, you need to seek help for yourself. read more...
Category: For Friends and Family on 18 October 2018
There are two different hurdles facing most families trying to help a loved one in need of addiction treatment. read more...
Category: For Friends and Family on 16 October 2018
Family and friends living with individuals struggling with addiction often spend all their time and energy focusing on the destructive behavior and the chaos brought upon due to their loved one's actions. Communicating with individuals suffering from addiction means more than talking to them. It means stepping back to learn and understand the disease of addiction and its cycle, and finding how you as a family member can be part of the solution. read more...
Category: For Friends and Family on 17 April 2018


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