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In our previous blog, CHOOSING WHERE TO GO FOR REHAB (Part I) we have mentioned a few components of a quality addiction treatment program. Although there are many approaches to alcohol and drug addiction treatment, the primary objective of any attempt at addiction recovery should be the definitive and sustained recovery. 

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We, at Florida Center for Recovery (FCR), hope that the information we provide in our blog posts and website will help you in choosing a treatment program that will bring lasting recovery. We are sure you understand that even the best treatment in the world will most likely not work if treatment is imposed and not sought. Individuals seeking addiction treatment must be ready and willing to work the program no matter where they receive treatment. The reality is that detox and therapeutic counseling does not offer any guarantee for life long sobriety. Relapse can happen and for that matter, relapse prevention is part of the recovery process.

In an extra effort to help you or your loved one in your journey to recovery, we have gathered below a list with the answers provided by families who took part in our Intensive Family Therapy sessions.

The question asked was: "What factors do you believe made the greatest impact on the recovery of your loved one?"

Below are the answers that were the most given by the families.

  • My loved one willingness to get better.

  • My loved one received effective trauma therapy.

  • The bond of trust and chemistry between client and therapist, counselors, and medical professionals at the rehab facility.

  • My loved one's ability to realize meaning in life and go after it, as well as the therapist's ability to convey the message of "possibility and hope" for new meaning to life.

  • The level of experience and professionalism in the rehab center's staff.

  • Fair and practical expectations of the rehab center.

  • Affordability of treatment and gaining health coverage by insurance companies.

All of us at Florida Center for Recovery wish you the best on your journey to recovery.


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