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During recovery, it’s common for recovering individuals to have temptations of using again. This mental relapse is normal but if not addressed can lead to physical relapse.

Twenty-three and a half million Americans are at risk of a relapse in their recovery, which sometimes leads to fatal overdoses. The good thing is that once a mental relapse comes into sight you or your loved one in recovery can prevent a physical relapse by utilizing coping skills acquired during addiction treatment and rehabilitation. If the thought of using becomes too great, individuals in recovery must seek help. Contacting a sponsor or trusted person who is aware of the recovering individuals' journey can be a great help through the period of vulnerability. This is what sponsors, support groups and loved ones are there for – to support recovering individuals during their downtimes.

Our experience is that if after trying these strategies (sponsors, support groups and family) the temptations are not under control then there is the need to get help from professionals in the field who have experience with exactly what you are going through and know how to help.

The tips provided above are often part of an aftercare plan which is developed by a well-structured rehab program. The main purpose of aftercare plan is to aid in the prevention of relapse after the detox and treatment have been completed.  Aftercare is considered one of the most critical components of rehab for substance abuse and is essential for a successful transition back into the new sober lifestyle. Florida Center for Recovery aftercare plans include:

  • Relapse Prevention Therapy
  • Support Groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous
  • Therapy or Counseling Recommendations
  • Outpatient Recovery Services Recommendations
  • Sober Living Recommendations

The ultimate purpose of aftercare is to offer support for recovering individuals to help them stay fully engaged and focused on their recovery.

Florida Center for Recovery provides Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment programs offering all-inclusive Inpatient Treatment with medical detox. Our programs include treatment for pregnant women, chronic relapse programs and intensive family therapy. To learn about  Florida Center for Recovery 's  Addiction Treatment, call us at: 800-851-3291

Florida Center For Recovery has been offering Comprehensive, Reliable and Affordable Addiction Treatment Programs since 2002.

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