Choosing a Residential Addiction Treatment Center

Selecting a residential addiction treatment center is a personal and important decision which is often based on the level of care needed.

The recommended approach is to start with a list of a few addiction treatment centers that are thought to be the best match for a person’s needs. This list can be based on recommendations from primary physicians, mental health and addiction specialists, other families who have had a good experience with residential treatment centers, advocacy organizations, and online research.

The next step is to focus on the staff to patient ratio, programs offered and the type of treatment that each of the facilities on the list provide. For example, while numerous inpatient facilities treat all types of addiction problems and related mental health conditions, some may specialize solely in treating drug abuse or alcohol addiction.

Likewise, residential treatment centers may cater to a specific age (i.e., youth, teenagers, or adults), or gender group.

Location can be another consideration in choosing a center. Being close to home might have advantages such as less time to travel for family visits and easier to drop off, if needed, items. On the other hand, out-of-state addiction treatment can be an excellent option for those looking to get away from a challenging environment and focus 100% on treatment.

Another point of considerations is whether the facility offers dual diagnosis treatment. Numerous studies done on different addiction treatment approaches show that structured rehab programs provided by residential treatment centers are effective for individuals who are also diagnosed with mental health issues, and individuals with a long history of addictive behavior.

Comparing each one of the facilities on the list with the desired care and the level of care needed for the individual in question can help narrow down the list to the point that one can be chosen. Once the decision on which facility is made, the next step is to take a tour of the facility or at-least have a tel conversation with the medical director of the facility to get answers to questions that are specific to that facility.

While research supports the effectiveness of residential addiction treatment programs, each individual is different and treatment outcomes are likely to vary based on the individual’s specific circumstances and level of support.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance addiction and would like to explore treatment options, feel free to give us a call at (800) 851-3291. Florida Center for Recovery (FCR) offers addiction treatment with specialized therapies for individuals 18 and older through private inpatient rehab services. Established in 2002, FCR is a medical detox and rehabilitation facility providing comprehensive therapeutic programs to treat addiction and its underlying related mental health conditions. Our addiction treatment programs offer variable lengths of stay, which allows each client to anchor recovery behaviors needed for lasting change.

Some of those questions can be from the list below:

  • How long the facility has been in business
  • Does the facility have at-least a doctor and nurses on the staff
  • Does the facility provide detox
  • Is detox provided by the facility on-premises
  • Is around the clock medical supervision offered during detox
  • Is any holistic treatment offered as part of the treatment
  • Does the facility use the service of a dietician in providing daily meals
  • Is there any gender-specific treatment offered
  • Is there any discharge planning available to patients
  • What is the aftercare program for those who are discharged
  • Is the facility in a shopping center, strip mall or the facility is a campus-like treatment facility

There is no doubt that the effectiveness of the treatment facility is very important in addiction recovery, but the fact is that each individual is different and treatment outcome is likely to vary based on the individual’s specific circumstances and level of support.

We at Florida Center for Recovery sincerely wish all who are in search of treatment for self or a loved one to find the right path that leads to lasting recovery. We invite you to include our facility that has been offering comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment since 2002 in your list of qualified facilities. Furthermore, we ask you to give us a call and allow us to explain how we can help you or your loved one to find lasting sobriety.

For more information about our rehab programs, you may also check on our online booklet Florida-Center-for-Recovery-Booklet for a better insight into our diverse comprehensive therapies.

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