Recovery:  Taking Care of Yourself by Connecting with Your Passion

For many people, living the dream is being able to “work” and do what you love at the same time – whatever that skill, career, or activity that may be. Everyone is essentially good at something, and finding your passion is an individual journey that only YOU can decide to embark on. “If you are good enough, no one can stop you,” says the popular entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk.

But the reality is that sometimes, we are not doing what we love. Some people just can’t find work, and others are distracted by so much unnecessary stress and anxiety that they cannot find time for their passions. Life is not always perfect, and that’s a part of the learning experience; that’s part of recovery.

So, what steps does a person in recovery need to take to ensure they are on the right path?

Well, one of the ways we can achieve harmony between hard work and passion is by having structure in one’s life. Creating or finding “structure” means being aware of what you want in life, and setting up plans to achieve those goals. This is strictly on a personal basis because everyone has a unique path to follow. And awareness is the starting point that brings upon action through critical thinking: “Take a look at life as it is lived and see for yourself that the world only moves for you when you act.” – Werner Erhard

Once you start taking action and REALLY begin making moves (networking, doing job interviews, traveling, building your resume, dieting, and exercising), it’s important that you set milestones and reward yourself for making progress in your recovery– whatever progress that may be. Reward often takes the pressure off and adds motivation in a subtle way. For now, just remember – The key is to break things down into smaller steps, and always remembering that slow progress is always better than no progress. (First comes Awareness, then Action, and finally, we can build Structure).