Do I Need to Exercise in Rehab?

Many individuals who join our addiction treatment program ask if physical exercise is important for them. The choice of adopting some type of physical activity during and after an addiction recovery program is up to the individual and yet a significant one. It can definitely make the recovery process easier, mentally, and physically. Physical activities, make withdrawal symptoms less painful and less stressful.

We all know that detox and staying sober are not easy tasks. Therefore any available tools that help deal with those challenges, especially after leaving the addiction treatment, are crucial in changing the odds in our favor. Leaving treatment equipped with a set of tools to manage the stress on both body and mind will increase the chances for a successful recovery, and exercise is part of this set of tools. And yes the idea of making regular exercising part of the recovery process does not come naturally, but if so decided, like many who were not sure about the commitment to regular exercising and later found the experience exceptionally rewarding, you will find a powerful mood-lifting tool in your efforts in recovery as well.

It is widely known that learning how to psychologically cope with challenging situations and triggers, is an important skill to learn and master during addiction treatment, but recognizing the impact that exercise has on the body’s healing process and on the person’s overall wellness is also paramount in that endeavor. One should always consult a physician before starting an exercise regimen, especially in the presence of any medical condition which could impact the duration or the intensity of the exercise. Nevertheless, even restrictions due to health conditions, often do not stop one from some sort of exercise that is helpful to the person’s health. Exercise activities such as yoga or walks are recommended as suitable activities even for those with medical problems, by doctors concerned with the harm that lack of exercise brings about. For recovering individuals who have gone through addiction treatment, routine exercise provides a healthy outlet for relieving the stress associated with the challenges of addiction recovery and sobriety. Research shows regular work out helps reduce addiction-related withdrawal symptoms, and lessen cravings. This is due to the fact that endorphins released during exercise provide similar results and produce the same feelings that were triggered by the individual’s use of a drug of choice. In other words, by exercising, recovering individuals get the same kind of boost, but in a healthy way, that they were used to when they were doing drugs. That explains why exercise can serve as an outlet to dissipate stress when a recovering individual is feeling the temptation and craving for use.

Are you ready to move forward in recovery with an exercising routine?

The beauty of embracing fitness and starting on any form of exercise routine is that there’s no “wrong” way to do it. You can try whichever activities or regimens you like and change when it is no longer challenging or enjoyable. Many recovering individuals discover fitness during addiction treatment and never let go of it when they experience its unique capacity to exhilarate, relax and provide stimulation that calms and allows them to make the mind-body connection that was missing in their life.

The bottom line is exercise is good for you whether you’re in recovery or not and implementing it into your recovery can make a meaningful difference in the process. Staying clean means caring for your well-being as a whole, and the right fitness routine can help you find a healthy balance of body, mind, and spirit.

At Florida Center for Recovery, we promote and provide the means for physical and sports activities. Our inpatient addiction treatment programs offer an array of fitness opportunities through yoga classes, basketball, volleyball, and state-of-the-art exercise equipment that are available, on-premises, in our fitness center. No matter what you choose to do, each extra step counts and they all add up over time.

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