Factors that Influence a Successful Recovery

Success in addiction recovery does depend on the quality of a treatment program, and often the length of the time one stays in treatment. Yes, the right treatment for individuals struggling with addiction can increase their chances of recovery, but one very important factor in that success is one’s willingness to get better and the commitment to get well by letting go of substance use and abuse.

Once there is the commitment to letting go of substances, choosing the right specialty treatment that focuses on the specific needs of the struggling individual, becomes the next important step on the path to recovery. As an example, veterans suffering from PTSD who also are dealing with opioid addiction will probably do have a higher success rate when they choose a facility that specializes in treating dual diagnosis with moderate drug addiction.

In addition to specialized treatment that best suits the client’s needs, the following factors are also instrumental in helping individuals in their journey to recovery.

  • Evidence-based programs
  • Focus on underlying issues with integrated treatment for mental health
  • Comprehensive 1-on-1 therapies
  • Family focus
  • Accredited, experienced and dedicated staff
  • Strong on-going support with 12 Step and SMART Recovery options with past discharge follow up care
  • Exercise and Recreational Activities
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Treatment offered in a peaceful and conducive environment

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers that promise a cure and guarantee successful recovery should be scrutinized more, as addiction is a chronic and complex disease that is treatable and manageable but has no cure. Reputable addiction treatment centers can only maximize the chances of long life recovery. It is crucial to understand that even the best available programs and the best facilities can not guaranty the outcome of any treatment. These are simply factors that combined with one’s hard work during and after the treatment, with continuous commitment to stop using, increase the chance of success for life long recovery.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, Florida Center for Recovery may be the right fit for you. We are confident that our addiction treatment programs are well structured to support individuals seeking treatment and that our counselors and therapists have the ability to help our clients see a new meaning in life full of possibilities and hope.

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