Florida Center for Recovery at CORE Conference

Florida Center for Recovery attended the 5th Annual Clinical Overview of the Recovery Experience (CORE) Conference, this week on Amelia Island, Florida.

CORE Conference is dedicated to promoting the design, provision, and monitoring of outcomes-based addiction services and providing platforms to integrate varied academic disciplines and professional activities within the fields of addiction and behavioral health.

With new understandings in the science of addiction recovery, the treatment practices in this field have evolved through the years. Even though there is more integration of drug replacement therapy in addiction recovery these days, the Twelve Steps has kept its significance in relapse prevention as the key means of facilitating the personal growth necessary for a sustainable and long term recovery.

This conference provides the opportunity for addiction professionals to advance their understanding of the principles behind abstinence-based recovery practices and the importance of better integrating them with the Twelve-Step principles to improve treatment outcomes.

Developed more than 75-years ago, the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous have withstood the test of time and science to emerge as a primary foundation for recovery from both alcoholism and drug addiction.

The CORE conference highlights the critical importance of 12-Step processes and abstinence-based recovery and presents new options for productively integrating useful clinical tools into a larger recovery-oriented treatment culture.