Addiction and PTSD in First Responders

If you’ve ever wondered how first responders stand so many strenuous situations like the horror of coming across burnt and dismembered body parts— it turns out that they don’t. Constantly exposed to dangerous life-threatening issues, the stress experienced by firefighters can damage both their physical and mental health. The exact number of firefighters suffering from debilitating post-traumatic stress injury is unclear but unfortunately, many carrying these wounds go untreated and some don’t survive the journey. Many self-medicate by resorting to alcohol, prescription drugs, and other substances.

Firefighters often have no obvious path for care when overcome with nightmares and terrors. Helplessly frozen in the spot, they experience a myriad of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) symptoms. But with the growing and strong connection between first responders’ stressful job and addiction struggles, specialized treatment is on the rise to provide care for this segment of service providers.

Florida Center for Recovery (FCR) offers its own specialized First Responders program through our all-inclusive inpatient treatment. This program is designed to address the specific obstacles encountered by Members of Military, National Guard/Reserves, Veterans, and First Responders such as the Firefighters, Police Officers, Emergency Dispatchers, EMTs and all others who keep us safe.

FCR’s rehabilitation program for First Responders includes treatment for work-related traumatic events, depression, and anxiety. As a result of our comprehensive understanding of these communities’ unique needs, we’ve created a curriculum specifically designed to address their unique challenges. In addition, clients diagnosed with PTS receive specialized trauma therapy through Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) —one of our nation’s most successful therapeutic approaches for healing trauma. Delivered exclusively at Florida Center for Recovery by Dr. Jon Connelly, founder and developer of RRT, this revolutionary trauma treatment provides permanent relief from debilitation trauma, often after just one session.

As a trusted leader in addiction and mental health treatment, we invite you to browse through our website and learn about our innovative therapies which are tailored to treat not only addiction but also its underlying related mental health conditions.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction and suffering from PTSD, reach out for help. For more information about our specialized First Responders Addiction Treatment Program and to explore treatment options, please call us (800) 851-3291 or click on the link below to send us an e-mail.

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