Florida Center for Recovery Is Starting a New Rehab Alumni Program!

As hard as it is to achieve sobriety after suffering from a substance addiction, it’s even more difficult to maintain that sobriety. That’s why it’s so important for people in addiction treatment and recovery to build a support network that’s filled with people that understand what they are going through.

One of the best ways for people to build on their support network is to connect with other rehab patients while they are in addiction treatment. Individuals can even stay in touch with their fellow rehab alumni so that they can continue supporting one another throughout their addiction recovery journeys. Staying in touch with one’s fellow rehab patients is a regular occurrence at rehab centers that provide aftercare support and alumni groups. This allows former rehab patients to easily keep in touch with one another. 

Fortunately, Florida Center for Recovery (FCR) is a rehab center that is providing such alumni group services. In fact, Florida Center for Recovery is now proud to announce that we are launching our very own rehab alumni program! 

What is a Rehab Alumni Program?

A rehab alumni program is a social meetup group that’s exclusively for former patients of a rehab facility. Within this social group, rehab alumni can regularly meet up to communicate and socialize with one another. 

The Purpose of a Rehab Alumni Program

The purpose of a rehab alumni program is to provide former rehab patients with the help that they need to stay in contact with one another. This allows former rehab patients to support each other throughout their post-rehab addiction recovery journeys. 

Providing People in Addiction Recovery With Support

The support that former rehab patients can gain through a rehab alumni group could be the difference between a successful recovery and addiction relapse. Rehab alumni programs also help people in addiction recovery maintain their sobriety by providing accountability and incentive to remain on the path to recovery. 

Offering Individuals an Incentive to Maintain Their Sobriety

It can be easy for people in addiction recovery to stop being motivated to continue practicing their addiction coping mechanisms. It can also be easy for people in addiction recovery to stop being motivated to be sober in general. Individuals in recovery have social interaction to look forward to! It could be just what they need to sustain their sobriety. 

This is especially true since people in a rehab alumni program can encourage one another to maintain their sobriety. People in rehab alumni programs can even offer one another advice on how to further sustain their sobriety. 

Prevent Recovering Individuals from Isolating Themselves

Attending regular rehab alumni group meetings also helps prevent people in addiction recovery from isolating themselves. Not isolating oneself during addiction recovery is important. This is because people who isolate themselves during recovery tend to develop poor mental health. This, in turn, causes people to fall back into old bad life habits that may trigger the desire to use substances again. 

Helping People Build a Confidence and Sense of Identity

Rehab alumni meetings can even help build the confidence of people in addiction recovery and give them a sense of identity. This is especially true as people in addiction recovery start building new friendships through their rehab alumni groups. 

Why Florida Center for Recovery Chose to Start a Rehab Alumni Program

At the end of the day, no one understands what a person went through during addiction treatment better than another person that received addiction treatment at the same rehab facility. Thus, there is an automatic bond that patients at a particular rehab facility such as Florida Center for Recovery (FCR) share with one another. 

As a rehab facility that prides itself on helping its patients make the most of their addiction recovery journeys during and after treatment, Florida Center for Recovery’s staff would be remiss if we didn’t help our former rehab patients capitalize on the bonds that they built while in addiction treatment. That’s part of the reason why we created the new Florida Center for Recovery alumni program.

Through our Florida Center for Recovery alumni program, not only can FCR alumni reconnect with other former FCR rehab patients, but they can also build new bonds with former FCR rehab patients that they may not have gotten the chance to get to know before. This will make it easier for former FCR patients to continue building on their support network while in addiction recovery. 

Examples of Activities That Rehab Alumni Programs Often Take Part In

Often, when rehab alumni groups meet up, they do so in a fun and social way! This often means having meetups at restaurants or cool hang-out spots where rehab alumni can partake in fun activities. 

Examples of fun activities that rehab alumni groups may get the opportunity to take part in at some point and time include:

  • Hiking
  • Bowling
  • Movie Nights
  • Cookouts/Barbecues
  • Dinners at restaurants
  • Painting classes
  • Pottery classes
  • Game nights
  • Ax throwing
  • Golfing

Essentially, rehab alumni groups can have meetings anywhere that they want while doing any fun activity, as long as the activity is safe and doesn’t involve drinking or using drugs. 

Examples of Virtual Alumni Program Activities

For people who live far away from the area that the rehab facility that a rehab alumni group is associated with is in, there are often virtual rehab alumni group meetings. That way all rehab alumni can participate. 

Virtual rehab alumni group meetings have especially become popular as a result of the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily though, there are many fun activities that people can still participate in during virtual rehab alumni meetings. 

Examples of activities that rehab alumni programs can take part in virtually include:

  • Cooking competitions
  • Virtual movie nights
  • Virtual dinner parties
  • Virtual group painting sessions
  • Virtual group pottery making sessions
  • Virtual arts and crafts parties
  • Virtual game nights

The Florida Center for Recovery Virtual Rehab Alumni Group Meetings

At Florida Center for Recovery (FCR), we are launching our rehab alumni program virtually every Wednesday from 5:30-6:30 p.m. over Zoom. This enables all of our alumni to safely participate, regardless of their location or the current state of the pandemic. 

Our rehab alumni group meetings will be a safe space for all former Florida Center for Recovery patients to open up about their addiction recovery journeys, have fun, and be themselves. The FCR virtual rehab alumni group meetings will also be a great place for former rehab patients to connect with one another and build on their support networks. 

Our virtual alumni meetings will be peer-led. Thus, it’s an alumni group for former FCR rehab patients by FCR former rehab patients. The fact that our virtual rehab alumni program is going to be peer-led also makes it easier and more comfortable for FCR alumni to connect with one another. 

Again, former Florida Center for Recovery rehab patients who want to be members of our new alumni program can enter our virtual meetings over Zoom every Wednesday from 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Just check our social media and this blog for the link to the Zoom meeting. 

Once you have the Zoom link, you can get into the FCR rehab alumni program Zoom meeting by using the username ID: 270-515-0641 and the password: SOBER. For any questions about the FCR Rehab alumni program Zoom meetings, feel free to contact us at 772-216-2737. 

Start Attending the Florida Center for Recovery Rehab Alumni Program Meetings Now!

Now that you have a better understanding of how the new Florida Center for Recovery rehab alumni program is going to operate, it’s time for you to plan to attend your first meeting. The ultimate goal of our rehab alumni group is to strengthen the bond between former FCR rehab patients. Former FCR rehab patients can feel comfortable sharing their addiction recovery hopes and concerns with one another. 

We here at Florida Center for Recovery also hope that our rehab alumni program will make it easier for former patients to give one another practical addiction recovery suggestions and advice. 

Why Attend Rehab and Rehab Alumni Programs At Florida Center for Recovery

Florida Center for Recovery is a nationally renowned addiction treatment center.  This is because we here at Florida Center for Recovery offer the most comprehensive addiction treatment program models in the nation.

Here at Florida Center for Recovery, our addiction treatment programs include both science-based and holistic treatment methods. Thus, our rehab patients receive the highest quality addiction treatment for their minds, bodies, and souls. This increases the chance that our patients can achieve lifelong sobriety once they leave our facility. 

The only thing left that can improve the chances that our patients can achieve lifelong sobriety is more alumni services. Thus, the fact that we here at FCR are launching an alumni program that will meet regularly is the best thing that could ever happen for our rehab patients.

To learn more about Florida Center for Recovery and our new alumni program, contact us. You can contact one of our professionals in charge of the FCR rehab alumni program at 772-216-2737. Let’s all stay on the sober island together and show why Florida Center for Recovery is one of the most renowned addiction treatment centers in the country.