Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center Florida

Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center Florida

What Should You Expect At An Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center In Florida?

There are many types of rehab initiatives currently operating throughout Florida. An inpatient Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center In Florida requires its patients to stay inside their facility during their treatment duration. While an Outpatient Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center in Florida doesn't need this. Patients are free to stay in their homes and attend weekly counseling and therapy sessions at the facility.

Note that all Alcohol Addiction Rehab Centers share similar traits as well. For example, most rehabs provide many services highlighted here to their patients in this text. Moving forward, let us see these services that an Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center In Florida provides for patients:

Medical Detox

People who are alcohol or drug dependent are usually encouraged to go through a medical detox. During the medical detox, you will be monitored 24 hours by doctors and nurses because you will go through withdrawal. A medical detox is designed to help make withdrawal syndrome more comfortable. It also minimizes the risk of suffering a relapse and makes sure you have all the help you need should they be a medical emergency.

Screening and Assessment

Screening and assessment are typically one of the first things that are usually performed on patients who get admitted into a rehab center. This process gives the rehab staff (often a host of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and licensed clinical social works officers) an opportunity to diagnose addiction and any underlying mental disorders. The addiction care plans at these centers are usually set up during this evaluation process.


If there is a single service that recovering alcoholics can expect when they are admitted into a drug and alcohol rehab center, it is psychotherapy. This process is a treatment for alcohol and drug addiction and includes group therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy. These therapies are of many different types, which usually includes a kind of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Educational Sessions

To be better equipped when fighting an addiction, a patient must understand their situation. During alcohol or drug rehab you will attend several educational sessions on the issue of alcohol use and how it affects the brain. These sessions are designed to help patients learn how addiction works as well as how it can be overcome.


Pharmacotherapy is another word for medication. Some patients respond well to these medications used for the treatment of addiction while others might not need medications. Medicines for addiction aren't used as a stand alone but have shown spectacular results when used combined with psychotherapy. Medications for addiction treatment usually work in different ways. Some are designed to reduce cravings; others block the pleasure an addict obtains from substance abuse. Some even create an unpleasant feeling whenever a patient drinks.

Additional Services

Alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers typically offer patients in all the different stages of recovery support. This kind of support can range from educational and vocational support to emotional support. Most of these centers offer financial support to people who aren't able to pay for full treatment packages. Apart from supervising a patient's treatment plan, rehab centers also help them transition to aftercare.


Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center Florida
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