Residential Drug Addiction Treatment Florida

Residential Drug Addiction Treatment Florida

Advantages Of A Residential Drug Addiction Treatment In Florida

Drug addiction is one of the major social and health challenges that confronts our society. In the United States alone, nearly 21 million people struggle with substance abuse and are in need of a drug recovery program. Drug addiction wrecks tremendous havoc on lives, preventing people from living in a normal way and making good use of the life. Among the many drug treatment programs that exist there are two major options; outpatient and residential treatment. Each has its advantages and disadvantages but nonetheless, they are very effective in the combat against drug addiction.

Residential treatment is often the most advisable option in cases where the addiction is at the later stage. If you or any close friend or family is considering residential drug addiction treatment in Florida, then you should be aware of its major advantages;

1) Focus:

In many cases, environmental factor and influence play a role in addiction. This could be in the form of stress; many people start to use drugs to dull pain of an unpleasant reality, or social connection; people may use drugs because of peer influence. When you choose a residential drug addiction treatment in Florida, you are provided with an opportunity to leave such negative detrimental environment. In your new environment, you are surrounded by positive stimuli that will encourage your recovery. The focus of a residential drug treatment is on recovery.

2) 24hours care:

Another major advantage that inpatient treatment offers is round the clock care and attention. The journey towards complete recovery can quite difficult, particularly during the early stages of addiction recovery. Patients suffer from symptoms ranging from sleeplessness, paranoia, withdrawal symptoms, fear etc.

In an inpatient recovery program, caregivers are aware of all these symptoms and challenges, therefore they are available 24hours each day to provide counseling and medical attention. This helps to ease up the stress.

3) Structure:

A residential drug addiction treatment in Florida also provides healthy and positive daily structures that can help clients to fight the addiction battle and recovery faster. During the recovery progress, the mind may be subjected to varying degree of chaos. What can help is filling up each day with positive actions and thoughts. Structuring does not only help take the mind off the drug it also set the stage for a healthy and positive life after the recovery program.

4) Support:

When inpatient treatment takes out negative environmental influences it replaces them with positive ones. Years of studies and experience has shown that being surrounded by people of a similar challenge that are seeking to find a way out has a motivating effect. Inpatient treatment provides an opportunity to meet people with a similar challenge as yours. It helps to give the feeling that you are not alone, and that you can win the battle.

5) Holistic treatment:

A residential drug addiction treatment in Florida provides holistic treatment for the addict, this is made possible by the availability of time with patients as compared to outpatient treatments. Some of the treatment you should expect from this program include individual and group therapy, medical care, spiritual healing, nutrition, and exercise.


Residential Drug Addiction Treatment Florida
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Jack's Most Valued Beliefs

  1. Every addict deserves a chance, and another, and another, and another... and while some people thought, "Here we go again," Jack would say, "Keep Giving 'em the chance, you never know when they're going to get it." Jack had the ability to see hope in the hopeless, and he passed that along not only to his family, but to many that have worked with him.
  2. Forgiveness is more valuable to the one who gives it than to the one who receives it. This is a tough one for many of us, as it was even for Jack, being shall we say 'stubborn'? Just let go…not only for the other person, do it for yourself!
  3. EVERYONE is capable of change. From the person just beginning their journey into sobriety, to the person who's been clean for 30 years, life provides endless opportunities for growth. Of all the things Jack accomplished over the course of his life, the changes he embraced in his last few years are the ones that brought him and his loved ones the most joy. It is never too late if you remain OPEN.