Substance Abuse Rehab Center Florida

Substance Abuse Rehab Center Florida

Substance Abuse Rehab Center In Florida: Stages Of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse isn't something that starts overnight. It is a gradual process that starts slowly but can be harmful. In the beginning, an individual will feel like these mind-altering substances do not have any power over them. They will tell themselves and those close to them that they are in full control. However, as each day passes, they lose more power over the substance in question. It is essential that you know when to draw the line and accept help from a substance abuse rehab center in Florida.

The longer you rely on the substance to carry out certain tasks and do new things, the more control you will lose over your mind. Dependency should be curbed at an early stage. So, you will not need to go through so much pain and suffering later.

Stages of Substance Abuse And How To Know When It's Time To Visit A Substance Abuse Rehab Center in Florida

First Stage


Most times, people take substances for the first time out of curiosity or peer pressure. They may have heard or seen other people take them before and decide to give it a try. The reasons why a person might experiment with substances are limitless.

Second Stage

Regular Usage

If the individual enjoyed the high from the experiment, chances that the individual will try it out again and again and again. Eventually, the person will become a regular user of the substance. While some people will never pass the stage of the abuse, others can move into the next stage in no time.

Third Stage

Substance Abuse

An individual has gotten to this stage when taking a particular substance leads to harmful consequences. At this stage, the person may either put in a conscious effort to end the abuse or dive deeper into it. Note that substance abuse doesn't only count as abuse when it becomes a habit. It is the misuse or improper use of substances at any one time. For example, binge drinking counts as an abuse of alcohol even if the individual involved is doing it for the first time.

Fourth Stage


At this stage, the individual will no longer be able to function without using the substance. They will feel like taking the substance is necessary and the consequences of their abuse would have increased. They will feel reluctant to give up and would refuse to take help from loved ones.

Firth Stage


An individual has moved from abusing a substance to being addicted when he or she becomes completely psychologically and physically dependent on that substance. They would have built a high tolerance to the substance and would be suffering withdrawal symptoms when the substance isn't within their reach.


Recovering from substance abuse is possible. A visit to a substance abuse rehab center in Florida will put an individual on the right track. After you have started recovery, you must continue to push yourself through recovery maintenance. It is an ongoing process that never ends. Even after you have broken free, you still need to be on high alert to avoid a relapse.


Substance Abuse Rehab Center Florida
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  1. Every addict deserves a chance, and another, and another, and another... and while some people thought, "Here we go again," Jack would say, "Keep Giving 'em the chance, you never know when they're going to get it." Jack had the ability to see hope in the hopeless, and he passed that along not only to his family, but to many that have worked with him.
  2. Forgiveness is more valuable to the one who gives it than to the one who receives it. This is a tough one for many of us, as it was even for Jack, being shall we say 'stubborn'? Just let go…not only for the other person, do it for yourself!
  3. EVERYONE is capable of change. From the person just beginning their journey into sobriety, to the person who's been clean for 30 years, life provides endless opportunities for growth. Of all the things Jack accomplished over the course of his life, the changes he embraced in his last few years are the ones that brought him and his loved ones the most joy. It is never too late if you remain OPEN.