Gender-Specific Rehab Therapies

The majority of addiction treatment facilities treat both men and women. However, the two genders experience different emotions and react differently to drug abuse and their addiction. Therefore it is understandable that the treatment effectiveness is increased when performed in gender-specific group therapies which allow therapists to focus and dedicate their efforts in providing guidance specific to a particular gender. For instance, men afflicted by addiction experience emotions such as ego, pride, and anger, while women experience emotions caused by low self-esteem, eating disorders, with often sources such as sexual assault, emotional abuse, and stress from balancing work and family. Being able to openly discuss and address obstacles that stand between the individual and his or her recovery within a gender-specific therapy group, offer recovering individuals an environment where they are most comfortable to accept guidance and begin healing.

According to researchers in the field of substance abuse and addiction, the circumstances, events, and thought processes that contribute or lead to the development of substance abuse disorder are also different for men and women. For instance, women’s addiction path is different than men; women have shown to begin abusing substances at much lower doses than men, but women increase dosage much more rapidly than men. In addition, research shows that women’s rates of relapse are greater than men after an initial period of sobriety. In short, due to the differences in how addiction and relapse occur in women versus men, there’s a need to incorporate treatments that will address the respective histories, experiences, and risks faced by men and women, separately.

Due to the specific needs of men and women, Florida Center for Recovery (FCR) offers gender-specific therapy to optimize the treatment for every individual in recovery. This means same-sex peer group sessions are offered for each group which provides a safe, accepting and supportive environment where individuals can discuss and address progress or problems they feel uncomfortable discussing in a mixed group. These gender-specific therapies are the best platform to address the particular needs of men and women in recovery.

FCR understands that a strong support system within a treatment program is key to recovery, and gender-specific therapy is among one of the most effective ways to provide that support. By offering gender-specific therapies within our addiction treatment program, we’re able to provide our clients with a more individualized treatment program rather than a one-size-fits-all approach that unfortunately still seen at many facilities.

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