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The act of smoking a drug freebase. “Freebase” refers to the non-salt form of a drug. Drugs are usually converted to a water soluble salt so that they can be orally or intranasally consumed. The term “freebase” has nothing at all to do with the purity or potency of a drug.

For example, cocaine powder is cocaine hydrochloride, a water soluble salt. Being water soluble means that you can snort it, eat it, inject it, or plug it. However, a cruder form of cocaine is cocaine freebase (i.e. crack), which is not water soluble and therefore cannot be eaten or snorted. It must be smoke it to feel the effects.

It’s the same with methamphetamine. Meth freebase is an oily liquid, which the body cannot absorb, so the only way to get high from it is to smoke it. Crystal meth, however, has been converted to a water soluble salt, and can therefore be snorted, injected, etc.

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