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Marchman Act

The Marchman Act permits a person to be admitted for assessment or treatment for substance abuse against his or her will in various ways, according to specified procedures and criteria. For example, a law enforcement officer may have someone placed in protective custody if he or she exhibits a need for treatment (1) in a public place or (2) in a way that attracts the officer’s attention. Additionally, any responsible person with knowledge of a person’s substance abuse may apply to have that person admitted in an emergency if the person is likely to harm himself or herself or others or is so impaired that he or she cannot recognize the need for treatment. A spouse, relative, guardian, or three adults with knowledge of the person’s substance abuse may petition the court for involuntary treatment.

The Marchman Act also contains provisions concerning numerous areas other than involuntary treatment. For example, there are provisions addressing voluntary admission; voluntary drug court programs for offenders; licensing of service providers; local ordinances concerning treatment of habitual abusers; and inmate substance abuse programs.

Marchman Act Manual
Click to view the 2003 Marchman Act User Reference Guide in pdf format.

Information provided above is courtesy of: https://www.cga.ct.gov/2012/rpt/2012-R-0536.htm

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