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Ultram, the brand name for Tramadol, is a synthetic prescription drug that belongs to the class of opioids (narcotic pain medication/analgesics). It is a schedule IV controlled substance and it is typically used to treat patients with moderate to severe pain. Ultram can be habit-forming and can produce unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms experienced can often drive the individual to continue seeking out the drug. When Ultram is combined with other substances or prescription drugs, the risk of accidental overdose significantly increases. Most opioid deaths are the result of respiratory depression.

Information provided above is courtesy of: https://www.drugabuse.gov

Treatment for Opiod Addiction in Florida

Ultram use and abuse can rapidly manifest into addiction. Florida Center for Recovery offers opioid addiction treatment programs for individuals struggling with Ultram addiction. Our mental health professionals are specialized in developing opioid addiction treatment plans to address the client’s substance abuse and the underlying issues associated with the development of the addiction. If you would like more information about Ultram detox and long term recovery, connect with someone who can help you now by calling Florida Center for Recovery at our toll free number: 844-989-4036. Our recovery advisors are available 24/7 to provide you with information regarding treatment, admissions, insurance and private pay options.