Beyond Addiction Treatment Rebuilding Your Life Requires a Holistic Approach

Fighting addiction is much more than going through detox and beating the symptoms of withdrawal. However, your understanding of your level of addiction and its physical consequences can help you navigate across treatment options and prepare you for the challenges ahead. Whether it is your first time in treatment or not, you should know that simply going through detox and getting the substance out of your system isn’t enough to maintain long-term sobriety. Rebuilding your life and truly beating addiction requires more than a 12 Step Program. It needs a full-body reset where a holistic approach to addiction treatment is utilized.

Holistic Addiction Treatment

The holistic approach to addiction treatment refers to the process of healing the mind, body, and spirit through non-medicinal treatment methods (even though they are not mutually exclusive). Holistic suggests ‘the whole person,’ and, thus, holistic rehab aims to develop a strong foundation for the overall development of the individual. Holistic rehab not only treats the symptoms of addiction but also caters to the psychological and physical needs of the recovering individual.

Be it alcoholism, or any other form of drug addiction, holistic rehab focuses on the complete healing of the individual by detoxing their mental, emotional, and physical health. Full-service addiction treatment centers, such as Florida Center for Recovery amalgamate evidence-based treatment methods as well as holistic healing therapies for the effective treatment of substance use disorders and co-occurring related mental health conditions. The stages include identifying the reason for addiction, developing resistance through various treatment lines, boosting self-confidence, providing emotional support and, ultimately, making an individual’s alcohol and drug rehab journey a success!

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) explains that holistic recovery programs can help patients:

  • Identify triggers
  • Understand the step-by-step events that led to drug use
  • Cope with triggers through visualization, thought disruption, and relaxation
  • Find and establish healthy alternatives to drug abuse
  • Develop a long-term recovery plan

Holistic addiction treatment offered at Florida Center for Recovery includes yoga, meditation, and a variety of exercise options, all delivered in a spiritually nourishing environment that helps individuals reconnect with a higher power and find meaning and purpose in life.Through our holistic rehab programs, our clients emerge from rehab stronger, healthier and mentally ready to embrace sobriety, accountability, and all the enjoyments that life has to offer.

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