Hurdles Facing Families of Individuals Struggling with Addiction

There are two different hurdles facing most families trying to help a loved one in need of addiction treatment. 

The very immediate hurdle is that the family has no legal influence over their loved one and it may be difficult to get him or her into treatment as denial plays a central role in addiction. Generally, in situations like this, a professional addiction interventionist may be the answer. An interventionist is trained to deescalate the situation and get the family together for an honest and sometimes difficult conversation that allows the struggling individual to see the reality of continuing the use of drugs or alcohol and it impacts the individual as well as the family. An interventionist can answer the questions of all parties involved and offer viable solutions for treatment.

The second hurdle, as often is the case for many things in life, is the money or better yet the lack of it, for treatment. When there is no insurance to cover the cost and the financial situation is so hard that private pay is not an option, the choices become much smaller but they are not all gone. There are government and state programs available with money set aside to cover the cost of treatment for those who qualify, as addiction and overdose has reached to the level of a national epidemic. There might be a waiting period involved and the treatment days may be limited, but help is available to those who need and seek it.

How Can I Find an Addiction Treatment Center?

We encourage individuals and families who need information regarding addiction treatment to contact a reputable rehab facility such as our center, Florida Center for Recovery for information and recommendations. In our case, we understand the pain and suffering of struggling individuals and their families go through and understand the importance of treatment before it is too late. We know we will not be the perfect choice for everyone who needs treatment, but we can be the part that plays a pivotal role in convincing someone to seek treatment and stop the abuse.

Whether by providing treatment at our facility through insurance, private pay, or through financial assistance provisions (available for qualified individuals) or by offering alternative options with relevant information for treatment, we offer hope to those who contact our facility.

Since opening its doors in 2002, Florida Center for Recovery has worked hard to provide the most effective treatment, in a nurturing environment to help those suffering from addiction and related mental health disorders recover with dignity.

In choosing an inpatient addiction treatment, proximity of the facility to home should never be a factor. You can broaden your search of inpatient treatment centers across the country, for a better chance of finding the facility that is most qualified to help you or your loved one. For families who are starting this search process for the first time, time is of the essence and we understand your concern. 

If you would like more information about our all-inclusive detox and inpatient addiction treatment program or have a question regarding insurance, private pay, financing, and admissions process, CALL US AT: (800) 851-3291

In case that for any reason you do not want to make the call and talk to us, below are a few articles that can help you in your search for quality addiction treatment facilities that could be the right match for your loved one.

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