Is a 30-Day Rehab Program Enough to Make the Changes Required to sustain Recovery?

Addiction is a complex condition and individuals who have a severe substance use disorder have an intense uncontrollable focus on using their drug of choice to the point that it takes over their lives. Thus, many people question if a 30-day rehab program is enough to make the necessary changes required to sustain recovery. For years the consensus among doctors and insurance providers has been that in most cases the 28-30 day treatment, when includes the comprehensive addiction and mental health treatment is enough to get most struggling with addiction sober and ready for the road to recovery. Of course, there are cases that 90-day treatment is recommended, especially for those who have already been to rehab and have experienced a relapse. In those longer-term treatments the patient generally pays for the additional term out of pocket as insurance providers, with some exceptions,  generally limit the inpatient treatment to 30 days. With that in mind, considering the number of addiction treatment programs available nowadays, locating an effective rehab program that offers comprehensive addiction and mental health treatment is vital in providing someone struggling with addiction the best chance for a successful recovery.

Comprehensive and effective 30-day rehab programs often provide the foundation for individuals to develop healthier habits to deal with their issues and learn how to lead a balanced life while maintaining a connection to their responsibilities. Although a standard 30-day rehab program with a continuum outpatient care may provide the necessary first steps for some individuals, those struggling to maintain their recovery despite previous attempts should seek Specialized Chronic Relapse Program. Such a program, not only provides structured treatment plan models of relapse prevention therapy, but it also offers a treatment exclusively focused on identifying related co-occurring mental health issues and resolution of feelings and emotions.

At Florida Center for Recovery (FCR) we offer Chronic Relapse Program and Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) within our all-inclusive residential detox program. Together these two rehabilitative interventions have supported many in their successful recoveries. By providing RRT for individuals struggling with substance addiction who also suffer from trauma, FCR’s Chronic Relapse program addresses both the addiction and the related psychological issues with a multidisciplinary approach. Offered in a 30-day treatment format, our specialized Chronic Relapse Program, as well as all of our other addiction treatment programs can be extended to longer lengths of stay when needed, which allows each client to anchor recovery behaviors needed for lasting change.

Additionally, included within FCR’s s Chronic Relapse Program is the Intensive Family Program. Family members and significant others are valued within our programs and their views and experiences of their loved ones are respected. Where therapeutically relevant and with the client’s permission, we are able to invite family members or their significant others to take part in the treatment during our intensive family weekend program.

If you or someone you love is using drugs or alcohol as an escape from life’s troubles, specialized professional treatment is available, and RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE.

For more information regarding treatment for individuals struggling with addiction and related mental health conditions, contact us at (800) 851-3291. You may also visit our addiction treatment programs’ page for a better insight into our diverse comprehensive therapies.