Learning About Addiction Treatment

It is not a secret that many families complain about the facility they have trusted to provide addiction treatment to their loved ones, to have poorly qualified individuals on their staff. The complaints are about those providers without any professional training in human psychology or medicine but who are hired right after completing their addiction counseling training and the fact they have suffered from addiction themselves and are in recovery.

Learning about addiction treatment before choosing a facility can make a great impact on someone’s recovery. The more one knows about addiction, addiction treatment, and the available treatment options, the better the chances to find a reliable treatment facility.  The knowledge acquired helps not only to ask the right questions about the staff credentials but also to ask about the facility program’s philosophy and their treatment approach. Addiction is a physical, mental and spiritual disease, and as such, successful treatment should be client-centered, holistic and integrated with all aspects of a client’s life (including family, spirituality, work, etc.)

A comprehensive addiction treatment starts with a thorough medical exam and nursing assessment, followed by detox and complete psychiatric evaluation. Through Screening and Brief Interview by an addiction treatment professional, a personalized treatment program needs to be created that addresses the individual’s particular needs including the treatment of the underlying mental health conditions (trauma, depression, anxiety, etc.) Therefore, knowing if the facility offers screening for the diagnosis and offers specialized therapies to treat the underlying mental health conditions is vital in creating the opportunity for the struggling individual to achieve lifelong recovery.

Finally, a good indication that the addiction treatment facility is able to provide quality care is the certifications it has earned. For example, The Joint Commission presents treatment facilities with the highest standards in healthcare with certification and the Gold Seal of approval. This certification is earned by only 10% of addiction treatment providers and requires the treatment center to comply with a set of standards, rules and regulations.

When all of the above criteria are checked, if possible, one should also visit the facility to see first hand if the facility is indeed a trusted institution that it claims to be.

Need addiction treatment for you or a loved one?

Florida Center for Recovery in Saint Lucie County offers medical detox and comprehensive inpatient therapeutic programs to treat addiction and its underlying related mental health conditions. We offer innovative therapies to address the multidimensional aspects of the disease of addiction while teaching personal accountability in a safe, nurturing, real-life environment.

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