Mood Disorders and Addiction

What Are Mood Disorders?

The clinical definition of the term “mood disorder” is a disturbance in a person’s mood, which is, or eventually becomes, the underlying cause of a detrimental physical or mental condition. One of the most well-known mood disorders is clinical depression, which can be the underlying cause for a host of physical maladies, including, extreme fatigue, joint and muscle pain, and more. Individuals suffering from mood disorders are frequently misdiagnosed as hypochondriacs or attention-seekers. But mood disorders are very, very real. In addition to clinical depression, other examples of well-known mood disorders are:

  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

A mood disorder is classified as substance-induced if its roots can be traced directly back to the physiological effects of a specific substance the individual is using. It is not uncommon for mood disorders to occur simultaneously with a substance abuse disorder; such a condition is known in the medical community as a “co-occurring disorder.” One example of such would be a manic episode caused by the use of cocaine. Quite often an individual’s mood disorder comes to light during the process of withdrawal.

Regardless of whether a mood disorder exists simultaneously with substance abuse, or it doesn’t, treating the mood disorder is just as important as treating substance addiction. If mood disorders are not properly treated, the individual is much more likely to relapse at a later time.

Integrated Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Services

At Florida Center for Recovery (FCR) we understand the link between substance use and its underlying mental health conditions, and to effectively address both we provide comprehensive therapeutic programs. Our integrative treatment plans employ a team of professionals who address the addictive and psychiatric disorders on multiple levels, thereby maximizing the client’s chances of a successful recovery. FCR’s integrated substance use disorder and mental health services are all offered under the cooperative umbrella of a single strategy within our treatment facility. Our innovative individualized therapies are designed to address the multidimensional aspects of the disease of addiction while teaching personal accountability in a safe, nurturing, real-life environment.

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