Music and Mental Fitness During the Recovery Process

Have you ever wondered about the real benefits behind the music many of us so passionately listen to? Whether we jam to pop, country, rock n’ roll, jazz, Latin, or even create our own music, we can’t deny that throughout history music has been a big part of society. We have come to learn that music is more than just entertainment and social connection; it improves mood and mental health and in the context of addiction and it can help individuals in their recovery process.

It is widely accepted that music has a positive effect on our life. People use music in different ways and there are links between music and mental health that help change lives. Here are some ways music can be used in everyday life:

** Expression: Music is a great way to express emotions when words fail. Some people find that not just listening but through creating their own music they are able to express their inner truth and emotions in ways they could never do so verbally.

** Focus: When it comes to focusing, many say classical music is the way to go. The most calming music is the music with a tempo of 60 beats per minute, gently playing in the background. Yet, some individuals say they concentrate better by the tunes of their favorite pop music.

** Creativity: Music is known to help the mind think more creatively but it’s important to play around and find the right tune or genre that really gets the creative juices flowing!

** Relaxation: Music helps us relax. Our ancestors knew it and the future generations will all know it as well. A nice cup of tea and relaxing music playing in the background is a great way to unwind after a long day.

Incorporating music into one’s daily life promotes emotional and mental wellbeing. Individuals in recovery like anyone else can greatly benefit from music to calm, elevate, motivate, and help them to express themselves through the recovery process and beyond.

It’s important to recognize that the music we listen greatly impacts our mental health and we can consciously choose music to accomplish what we set out to do. Even one song might change our lives or even just help the day go along more smoothly. So it’s time to turn that music on or get your instruments tuned! As Bob Marley so cleverly stated, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”