National Psychotherapy Day

September 25, is National Psychotherapy Day – a day when therapists, academics, policymakers and many other interested parties are encouraged to talk about their experience or involvements with therapy and contribute to community health clinics or share therapy effectiveness research with their colleagues. All are encouraged to wear turquoise to show support and start the conversations.

What is the importance and effectiveness of the field of Psychotherapy?

According to The American Psychological Association’s website (under the section, Recognition of Psychotherapy Effectiveness) “psychotherapy (individual, group and couple/family) is a practice designed varyingly to provide symptom relief and personality change, reduce future symptomatic episodes, enhance quality of life, promote adaptive functioning in work/school and relationships, increase the likelihood of making healthy life choices, and offer other benefits established by the collaboration between client/patient and psychologist.”

What sparked National Psychotherapy Day?

The origin of recognizing psychotherapy on this date goes back to the time when the founders believed their profession had a significant image problem. Therapy takes place behind closed doors and the public gets most of the information about this field from movies and TV, where those depictions are rarely accurate. So this day was created to demystify psychotherapy, educate the public about what the real therapy looks like, how effective it can be and create a day to celebrate therapy rather than hide it.

National Psychotherapy Day is dedicated to the promotion, research, and support of psychotherapy for all interested or have a need for. The creators of National Psychotherapy Day are passionate licensed clinicians, graduate students, and generous professionals who believe in the transformative power of the therapeutic relationship and the science behind it. They welcome diverse viewpoints and beliefs and share the common idea that science, quality relationships and time are key ingredients in resolving conflicts, promoting healing, and achieving potential.

So, our message today to all therapists out there is to wear turquoise and create the opportunity for conversation about this important field of science with those who are interested or have an interest in knowing. Many share their experiences by posting their favorite Moments of Meanings video on their social media outlet as another way of celebrating the day.