New Year’s Resolution: Making a Commitment to Recover

Individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction have a tough time deciding to quit, but for many, as the New Year approaches is the time for new resolutions, it is time to give recovery another serious try.

Is this the year that I successfully deal with my addiction and start on the right path?

If your answer is YES then RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE.

If you are one of those contemplating addiction treatment, we at Florida Center for Recovery (FCR) understand what you are faced with. We understand it is not easy. We know it has been tough and we also know by experience that you can be tougher and make it every step of the way going forward. Yes, we both know there will be challenges and obstacles but you need to believe you can overcome every single one of them. BE POSITIVE. If you are ready and willing to start over and get your life back – that is exactly what you will have.

Act quickly and take action. To find the right addiction treatment or support you need, you have to get started. Draft a plan. Only then you will know what the available options are. Financially, you need to know the range of options available to you. whether it is insurance, private pay, a loan, or state-funded options you need to find the right approach to get the treatment you need. If this is not your first time looking into treatment, you may already have an idea of what treatment routes you can take. Even in that case, trying a different treatment approach this time around may be helpful to you. Just by “going at it” ready and willing this time can make all the difference in reaching your lifelong recovery. As everyone is different, your approach to achieving recovery is personal and individualized. On that note, make sure that the treatment you will receive provides a comprehensive psychiatric assessment to address any co-occurring issues that have the potential to compromise successful recovery. For instance, trauma, depression and anxiety, among other mental health issues are known to co-exist with addiction and often when untreated, delay the recovery process and often times cause relapses.

No matter what addiction recovery route you take, what is important is that you make the decision to seek help and stay committed to it. For all who are struggling with addiction right now, as the New Year approaches, we hope you make RECOVERY your number one New Year’s Resolution. Make 2019 the year that you find a new meaning for life without alcohol or drugs.

Remember, resolutions are about progress, not perfection. We know that even a small step is difficult, but setting goals and writing them down is a great start. DON’T GIVE UP! Put your plan to action. One day at a time philosophy will help you through it.

If you need addiction treatment, call us at 1 (800) 851-3291 or chat with one of our admissions advisors. Florida Center for Recovery and its affordable and comprehensive addiction treatment programs offers an all-inclusive on-premises inpatient detox with specialized trauma treatment (RRT), when necessary.

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