People to Avoid While In Rehab: Do It for Yourself

Most successful recoveries are backed by an effective addiction treatment program with a team of experienced and caring professionals and a strong support group. However, when you first arrive in treatment you are new and have not had a chance to know everyone in the group. Give yourself sometime before making the decision about who you can count on as a friend while attending rehab. While you can find life-long friendships during addiction treatment, some people may actually deter you from moving forward in your recovery.

Below is a list meant to give you an idea of the different types of personalities you want to avoid while in treatment:

The thrill-seeker who likes to bend/break rules – this kind of encouragement can lead to bad choices, and can even lead to the recovering individual getting kicked out of rehab or relapsing.

The complainer – this is the person who often makes it seem as if rehab is a “waste of time,” or boring, or filled with unneeded counselors. You don’t want this kind of negativity on your recovery plate, so get away from this “Debbie Downer” fast.

The one who acts like they know everything – this kind of person is often close-minded, self-centered, or even a narcissist. You can learn or gain from somebody who thinks they have all the answers or has life “all figured out.” You need open-minded people who won’t put down the values of the rehab center or your values for that matter. Bouncing off ideas is crucial in recovery, so a know-it-all will only get in your way.

Someone you are sexually attracted to, or who you are in a romantic relationship with, also presents a red flag, though not always. We often think of our partners/companions as our immediate and most compassionate supporters, but beware; this attraction may also influence you in negative ways. How so? Because strong emotions (especially in early recovery) in relationships can influence the recovering individual’s fragile state of mind. If there is a fight or a breakup, this alone can lead to relapse and ruin your recovery. You don’t have to let them go forever, just make sure you get healthy first, and love yourself first, before anything. Once you achieve sobriety, that’s the best time to consider venturing out into the dating world.

Seeking Addiction Treatment?

Find your own authentic voice. Tell your own truth, embrace it. Recovery is all about living a life you don’t have to medicate away – and it’s worth fighting for.

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