About Your New Year’s Resolutions

All of us at Florida Center for Recovery wish every day of the New Year, a day of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being filled with success, happiness and prosperity for you and your family.

Congratulations to all of our 2019 graduates. Stay on track and let us know how you are doing. Don’t forget your New Year’s resolutions. Creating an actionable list with new goals, achievements and inspirations can be an important tool in promoting lasting recovery. Statistics show that most New Year’s resolutions fail because they are too vague or not thought through, meaning the person making the resolution hasn’t thought about how to achieve his or her goal. It is helpful to utilize the SMART framework to set effective goals.

The principles outlined in the acronym SMART is well-suited for people in addiction recovery because it provides actual suggestions for breaking down the vague goal of getting sober into a series of steps that provide the foundation for success. So, to make your New Year’s resolutions a reality, make them SMART. Make them Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

SPECIFIC: Choose a precise outcome.

MEASURABLE: Find a way to measure your progress.

ACTION-ORIENTED: Decide what specific steps you will take to reach your goal.

REALISTIC: Make sure your goal is achievable given the resources at your disposal.

TIMELY: Choose a deadline for completion or a daily, monthly, or weekly repeating timeframe for the task.

As we start a new year, aim toward better health and wellness and remember to be SMART!

If you or a loved one needs medical detox and addiction treatment, begin 2020 with the resolution for a healthy, meaningful life. Start the journey to recovery by seeking information for the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that will best suit your needs. With an array of specialized therapeutic services such as Rapid Resolution Therapy, Military/First Responders, Pregnant Women and Chronic Relapse Programs, Florida Center for Recovery offers short and long term inpatient addiction treatment for adults 18 and older. For information regarding treatment for individuals struggling with addiction and related mental health conditions, contact us at (800) 851-3291. You may also visit our addiction treatment programs’ page for a better insight into our diverse comprehensive therapies.