Recovery: The Adventure Begins

For most individuals leaving rehab can be a terrifying thought as establishing a routine can seem difficult, but starting the recovery process with a positive mind can help in easing this process. Remember that, One Step at a Time it is. Routine and planning are your friends and can guide the way to a fulfilling life packed with adventures and excitement. Here are some tips on how to rediscover the adventure that life can offer after addiction.

Keep Follow-Up Appointments

While rehab may be over, your responsibility to your wellbeing is just beginning. Keeping up with appointments and assignments is crucial to creating and maintaining a life of sobriety. It could be especially helpful to maintain a relationship with your counselor who can support you if you start to feel overwhelmed or recognize signs of relapse.

Evaluate the Neighborhood You Live In

Recovering from an addiction is often a time where one reflects and reevaluates the past lifestyle choices. Our homes are meant to be a safe haven where we can relax and unwind. If you lived in a neighborhood you feel was unsafe or were surrounded by people you no longer wish to be around, perhaps it’s a good time to start thinking about relocating to a new home where you are more comfortable with your environment.

Engaging in Inspiring Activities

While in rehab, many people will find the time to think about activities they wish they could take on. After recovery, it is often a good time to start looking into how to make those dreams into reality. Perhaps it’s a sport or just a hobby you’ve wished you could engage in, something that speaks to you and encourages you to start writing your new identity. 

Finding the Right Social Scene 

Many people who are recovering from addiction come from destructive social scenes with little or no friends after a successful recovery. Others have strong support systems that have gotten them through some very tough times. Regardless of the past, connecting with like-minded people is essential to the recovery process. Support groups or evening classes are good ways to connect with others. You can even attend networking events around your city which can connect you to different people and even job opportunities. It’s also a chance for you to share your story and allow others to connect with you. 

Helping Others 

For those who have suffered through addiction, it’s easier to develop empathy for others. Research suggests that while recovering from an addiction, helping others is vital to the healing process. Down the line, recovering individuals will often reflect in their past and may have a lot to offer people who are just starting their recovery journey. In any case, taking some time to be there for someone else may just be the positive distraction you need. You can help sponsor someone else who is on the road to recovery or even look into volunteering in your community. Being there for others as they struggle is not just helpful for them but for you as well as it allows you to take a break from the self-focus and meet somebody else’s needs. 


The world can be even more beautiful through the eyes of a recovering addict. You get to see it all through the eyes of someone who overcome a great deal of trauma. Seeing different places and getting new experiences can help you rewrite your life story. There are many options to travel on a low budget too so it’s important to do some research and plan the best trip for you. You can travel alone or with a group if you prefer either way it’s a great way to get outdoor, take in new sights, meet new people, and rewrite your future. 

Recovering from addiction is hard work and takes a toll on your mind, body, and soul. It’s okay to have concerns about life after rehab provided that these concerns don’t escalate to the point where you can’t function in your life. One of your best allies is your counselor who will support you and help you feel confident in starting life again. Life takes on a different meaning after rehab and you see the world in a different way. Take advantage of the good days and reach out for support on the days you need it. Recovery is an ongoing process and with determination, support, and the right tools you will be successful.