Relapse Prevention

One of the most important goals in addiction treatment is to equip clients with the tools and strategies necessary to prevent relapse. At Florida Center for Recovery, clients are engaged in a variety of therapies that are specially designed to help prevent relapse. Working through this therapeutic regimen, clients are taught to recognize triggers that may lead to relapse. Also, during Relapse Prevention Therapy, clients learn how to change negative behaviors to make positive choices. During Relapse Prevention Therapy, many clients for the first time fully understand the dynamics of their addiction and the factors that may have caused it. Using a combination of individual cognitive-behavioral therapy and group sessions, recovering clients are better equipped to cope with real-life situations once they leave treatment.

Scientific studies have shown that comprehensive relapse prevention is critical to the success of any drug addiction treatment or alcohol addiction treatment program. Florida Center for Recovery makes a total commitment to providing you with the most effective Relapse Prevention treatments available. Consequently, Relapse Prevention is a critical component of all our addiction treatment therapies.

In Relapse Prevention Therapy you will Learn:

  • Mindfulness
  • How to Identify your Warning Signs
  • How to Know your Triggers
  • How to Manage your Sober Time
  • How to Develop a Solid Foundation for your Recovery


“Mindfulness” practice enables clients to stay in the moment, bringing the clarity to react positively to any current situation. Mindfulness provides individuals struggling with addiction with greater awareness of their own power, increases alertness, and vastly improves the ability to resist a relapse.


Relapses don’t just come out of left-field and are not an inevitable part of the road to recovery. Every relapse is preceded by warning signs. Many circumstances, thinking patterns and behaviors can trigger relapse. Learning how to recognize these triggers will help in a successful recovery. Our expert rehab therapists and counselors teach clients how to recognize these warning signs and what to do when they occur.


A trigger can be anything that will cause the recovering individual to use drugs or alcohol. At our addiction treatment facility, our counselors and therapists teach clients how to identify your triggers and how to handle them constructively to prevent relapsing.


Taking the toxins from the body is not the toughest task in addiction treatment. However, once the poisons leave the system, staying clean and sober requires a relentless commitment to recovery. How to manage the time while sober has a huge impact on whether or not a client stay sober. During addiction treatment, we teach clients how to most effectively manage sober time while keeping the mind fully engaged to eliminate boredom. As any addict knows, boredom can be one of the most powerful relapse triggers. In the course of our addiction treatment program, clients join peers in a number of fun and healthful activities, including yoga, art therapy, team building activities, and physical exercise programs. Learning how to keep busy and engaged in a variety of activities can greatly decrease the chances of relapse.


At Florida Center for Recovery, we know how tough re-emersion into the real world at the first can be, and we prepare each client for the challenges they will be faced after leaving rehab. Our counselors and therapists work with each client to create a customized relapse prevention plan.

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