Making Self-care a Part of Recovery

Developing a self-care routine is an essential part of addiction recovery because by tending to basic physical, mental and emotional needs individuals in recovery become better equipped to manage relapsing triggers and stress.

Part of the recovery journey is rediscovering and determining what keeps one satisfied, content and motivated. Considering personal preferences, likes and dislikes when planning a self-care routine is a key part in the development of a sound addiction recovery strategy. To start, it’s important to identify a time slot each day, where self-care activities can be incorporated, even if they are brief ones and last for a short period of time. While self-care activities can range in from breathing exercises to watching a favorite TV show, there are many that are fun and enhance one’s overall physical well-being as well. Examples include: preparing healthy meals, attending gym classes, getting involved in activities that help others, listening to nature’s sound, connecting with a daily affirmation or positive phrase, fishing, hiking, canoeing and other sports. All these activities have the purpose of making the recovering individual enjoy his or her daily life and feel happy.

When practicing self-care, it’s often necessary to stop and ask: “How Am I doing today? What do I need to make today better? What would make me happier today? –and then tend to those needs with a big dose of kindness and love. It is in this process of practicing self-care that recovering individuals can learn to enjoy life’s simple pleasures again and heal the wounds that were caused by drugs and alcohol addiction. These self-care acts not only enhance the person’s overall quality of life such as sleep, mood, and general health, but they play an important role in preventing future relapses as well.

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