A big part of a new sober life is learning to be successful at work while keeping a focus on recovery. Living a sober and fulfilled life requires some planning. Happy hour is not so happy for those of us in recovery and a life of nothingness can easily cause someone to relapse, as William Shakespeare once said: “Nothing will come of nothing.”

To those of you starting treatment, whether it is the first time, second, even third or more, your desire to “go clean” is admirable and we have faith in your eventual success as long as sobriety is the goal and you don’t quit. We know that you still are keeping the dream of a sober life alive. If you accept, surrender and follow the steps provided in the program, RECOVERY WILL BE PART OF YOUR LIFE, and your dreams will turn into reality. Our 17 years of experience in addiction treatment have presented us with many success stories. Our recovering individuals have moved on to have spouses, children, and have successful professions such as being leaders of ministries, work as recovering couches, open their own businesses, and many other professional activities that they find fulfilling. Whatever dreams they were committed to, in time, they all came to realization. We strongly believe that those struggling with addiction who receive the appropriate tools will heal, understand and most of all trust themselves, and will achieve recovery.

None of our recovering clients claim that in achieving long term recovery the need to keep the social sober life was easy. Fortunately, many successfully stay committed to that social sober life and still find fun and stress-relieving activities in their life. There are many sober activities that recovering individuals can implement in their daily lives that are healthy and safe. The ideas below can help you get started:

Join a gym. Many gyms have classes you can join in case you are not a fan of just lifting weights. Classes can go from simple cardio like light bodywork to fun Zumba or relaxing yoga classes. Try to choose a gym close to work. That will help in two ways:

1) Many gyms allow guest passes and co-workers can be invited to join in the workout. 2) When your gym is close to work you will find more time and be more likely to attend the gym on a regular basis.

If you are into sports sign up for an adult sports league. Whichever sport you once enjoyed or always want to try can be a good candidate. This is a good time to start.

No matter where your spiritual journey leads attending services or activities related to your beliefs can help you find encouragement and often lifetime friends.

Look for activities, clubs or classes that interest you. Community colleges offer an array of classes you can take at night. Learn a new language, take ceramics or computer classes. There are so many options and you can find new friends and develop new interests in such classes. Why not learn a new language and make plans to visit a country where you can put it into practice.

Join or begin a book club. Reading is a great recovery activity, so think about joining or starting a book club and sharing the health benefits with your co-workers. Try to meet up once a month so you can check 12 new books off your list each year. Just be mindful of what you’re reading and make sure the topics aren’t triggers for you.

Do you have an activity that has helped you in your recovery journey and you would like to share with us?

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