A Glimpse Into Florida Center for Recovery’s Specialized Addiction Treatment Service

Since opening our doors in 2002, Florida Center for Recovery has worked hard to provide the most effective addiction treatment to help those suffering from the disease of addiction and mental health disorders achieve lasting recovery. Our treatment programs focus on healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the disease of addiction. At Florida Center for Recovery, the treatment programs cover a broad range of specialized treatment therapies and services that are planned to address each client’s personal circumstances that lead to their addiction or had contributed to it. Our specialized treatment plans provide individuals struggling with addiction the most appropriate treatment options that ensure the best treatment outcome possible.

Here are some of the specialized services offered at Florida Center for Recovery (FCR):

Co-occurring Disorders – Substance use disorders and addiction often occur alongside other mental illnesses. Making a precise diagnosis to develop a cohesive treatment plan requires the performance of an integrated screening before starting any addiction treatment program. At FCR clients receive a complete medical and psychiatric evaluation at the time of admission which focuses on detecting mental health issues that are co-occurring with substance addiction. If it is determined that the client’s recovery is compounded by mental health issues, an individualized treatment plan is developed specifically to address both substance addiction and the mental health condition.

Trauma Treatment – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and substance addiction often co-occur in response to serious trauma. We understand that in the cases that concern PTSD, like other mental health issues, not addressing the root cause of the problem will put the client at a higher risk of relapse after leaving the structured environment of the treatment facility. In order to reduce relapse, all clients diagnosed with PTSD receive specialized trauma therapy called Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT). 

This therapeutic service works by permanently removing the negative effects of trauma by eliminating the ongoing psychological suffering that stems from disturbing or painful experiences. RRT is delivered exclusively at FCR by Dr. John Connelly, the founder, and developer of this revolutionary trauma therapy. Clients report that the best aspects of Rapid Resolution Therapy® are the facts that the treatment is painless and does not involve the re-experiencing of the traumatizing event(s).

Pregnant Women Rehab Program – Pregnant women have a much harder time detoxing safely from drugs and alcohol due to hormonal changes and cravings, as well as concern for the safety of their unborn child. At Florida Center for Recovery, we provide a safe and empowering environment for expectant mothers to recover from substance abuse and addiction. Our inpatient Pregnant Woman Addiction Treatment Program offers individual and group women’s therapy plus pre-natal and post-partum services which include transportation to and from the clinic or the hospital where these special services are provided. In addition, FCR’s pregnant women drug and alcohol rehab program offers specialized services that address the specific needs of women who may also be involved with The Department of Children and Families. Recovery support groups for all pregnant clients who wish to seek extra help from the community and the outreach programs, either directly or by referral program, are also available.

In summary, the goal of the Inpatient Women Rehab Programs is addressing each woman’s needs with the added focus on addressing the challenges of motherhood and substance abuse.

Another added service provided to women is the therapeutic women-centered interventions which address unique personal challenges faced by women such as: domestic violence, verbal, physical and sexual abuse, relationship and family issues as well as parenting issues. Additionally, we offer holistic treatment programs as part of our Pregnant Women Rehab plans which generally combine multiple practices applied by different specialists. The daily activities and treatments offered at FCR help build resistance to emotional dependency and feelings of helplessness and allow approaching addiction problems as mere dependency on chemical substances.

Chronic Relapse Program – Florida Center for Recovery has developed a Relapse Prevention track specifically geared for individuals who have struggled to maintain recovery despite their previous attempts in treatment. Designed to assess each client’s high-risk situations, our Chronic Relapse Program offers individualized treatment plans that focus on the importance of growth and self-efficacy. This track of treatment incorporates the latest research findings and evidence-based practices, relying on modern medicine and psychology, with historically proven methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Therapy (RET), 12-Step integration, Motivational Interviewing, and positive peer culture. The tract provides the whole person assessment, a customized treatment plan, and unified support with the assistance of family and any support system the patient may have. We also utilize The GORSKI-CENAPS® Model of Relapse Prevention Therapy which heavily emphasizes affective therapy by focusing upon the identification, appropriate labeling, communication and resolution of feelings and emotions. The GORSKI-CENAPS® Model integrates a cognitive and affective therapy model for understanding emotions by teaching clients that emotions are generated by irrational thinking (cognitive theory) and are traumatically stored or repressed (affective theory). Emotional integration work involves both cognitive labeling, expression of feelings, and imagery-oriented therapies designed to surface repressed memories. 

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