Standard Care for Withdrawal Management (WM)

Recovering individuals going through withdrawals are treated differently from those who still go through some withdrawal symptoms but have already completed detox. For those starting the detox (wm) the Healthcare providers should be available 24 hours a day and the staff should include:

  • A doctor who sees patients on admission and is on call to provide care in case of complications
  • Nurses, who are responsible for monitoring the recovering client during the withdrawal, dispensing medications as directed by the doctor and generally providing the care, comfort and the information needed by the patient during the detox process

During the withdrawal management a patient should:

  • Be in a quiet and calm area
  • Be allowed to sleep or rest in bed if they wish, or to do moderate activities such as walking
  • Be offered opportunities to engage in meditation or other calming practices
  • Have health care providers available at all times to offer medications (if necessary), accurate, realistic information about drugs and withdrawal symptoms to help alleviate anxiety and fears.
  • Not be forced to do physical exercise. There is no evidence that physical exercise is helpful during WM. Physical exercise may prolong withdrawal and make withdrawal symptoms worse.

Recovering individuals while going through the withdrawal management process is not ready to engage in counseling or other psychological therapy. A person in withdrawal is often vulnerable and confused; hence that is not the appropriate time to start counseling.

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