Stopping Substance Use Immediately After Admissions

Stopping drug or alcohol use immediately after getting into a treatment center is generally what happens to anyone entering rehab. It is not so much forcing individuals to stop using their substance of addiction, but it is well understood that once a person commits to undergo treatment, stopping the drug or alcohol use is the first step he or she must undertake. After all, this is the very reason anyone struggling with addiction goes to rehab in the first place. Detox from substances has to to take place before the start of behavioral therapy as most substances impair the patient’s mental and physical abilities to respond to therapeutic treatment.

Fear of change and fear of not using drugs or alcohol by those who have not known life without their substance of abuse is understandable – especially when they recall the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. The pain and discomfort are real and many times this fact alone can prevent struggling individuals to seek help. Whether it is the individual’s first time in treatment or not, knowing that receiving detox at a licensed rehab facility where 24/7 supervision is provided to manage the physical and emotional discomfort of withdrawal symptoms, can many times be the difference between deciding to seek treatment or not.

It is well known and well publicized that anyone seeking addiction treatment must be ready and willing to receive the treatment, as like most things in life, treatment forced can end up as the treatment failed. This is true especially with addiction treatment as relapse while in recovery is a fact of many lives.

The point is that for addiction treatment to be lasting and successful, the individual must have the desire to change by considering treatment. The desire to seek help can be reinforced by knowing that relapse can happen but with a treatment plan that involves relapse prevention action tools and support from family and friends, the addiction can and will stop. It is a matter of time. And time is truly of the essence here.

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